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WhatsApp rolls out new update: Everything you need to know

by Loknath Das


If you haven’t updated your WhatsApp, chances are you might be missing some important features in your chat app. The chat company has this time brought in some much-required feature updates for both Android as well as iOS users.

In the 2.19.110 version of WhatsApp for iPhone, it will no longer show a notification badge for muted chats. Previously the app would show you a notification badge even for the muted chats. The latest app fixes this and no more shows a notification badge for chats that have been muted by the user. This update already exists for Android users.

The new update of WhatsApp is of 78MB in size and also makes the media-editing easier. The in-app aligning feature will now let users place the emojis and stickers in a better way.

The app version for iOS and 2.19.298 app version for Android also receives some changes in the Group Privacy settings including a new blacklist option.

WaBetaInfo, a fan website for WhatsApp reports that you can now manage the group privacy settings by going into the WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. WhatsApp will now let you better manage your group privacy settings by giving the following options to choose from:

Everyone: This allows you to be easily added in WhatsApp groups with no invites coming in private chat
My Contacts: You can only be added to groups from people in your contact list. You will receive an invite to join a group from people not in your contacts list, privately.

My contacts except.. option: The feature allows you to decide on who can add you to groups. WhatsApp previously had a “Nobody” option that barred everyone from adding you to groups without invites. With the My contacts except option, you can decide precisely who can add you to groups.

WhatsApp’s latest iOS update also fixes the backup issue on iCloud. The company has now added a support page meant specially for iCloud backup troubleshoot.


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