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While You Were Offline: But (Ivanka’s) Emails …

by Loknath Das
Last week, the internet erupted when news broke that Ivanka Trump had used a personal email account to send messages about government business.
Zach Gibson/Getty Images

It’s Thanksgiving Week, which means that the tryptophan haze has caused us to produce a shorter look back at online chatter in a week during which the stock market tanked, romaine lettuce was revealed to be potentially poisonous, and California remained on fire. There was, as that list might make clear, a lot going on over the last seven days despite the holiday, so let’s get to it, shall we?

But Her Emails (Reprise)

What Happened: Ivanka Trump failed to learn the most obvious lesson from her father’s 2016 presidential campaign.

What Really Happened: What’s that saying about history not repeating, but rhyming? Perhaps we should ask First Daughter Ivanka Trump.


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