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Wi-Fi And Christmas Lights May Not Mix Well, Warns Ofcom

by onkar

Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker

The U.K. watchdog Ofcom kicked off the month of December with some tips and warnings regarding Wi-Fi speed. Several things can slow down your Wi-Fi, and if you thought Christmas lights wouldn’t affect the connection, think again.

According to Ofcom, various electronics such as lamps and baby monitors can take a toll on your Wi-Fi speed, making it slower even if the connection coming into the home is working properly. Perhaps more surprisingly, the watchdog says that Christmas lights can have a negative effect on the Wi-Fi speed as well.

Upon announcing its new Wi-Fi Checker app designed to improve connectivity, Ofcom said that wireless broadband is not reaching its full potential. One reason why wireless broadband doesn’t work as well as it could and should work is that various setups in the home are slowing it down.

“It could be down to something as simple as interference from other electronic devices, such as a microwave oven, baby monitor, a lamp—or even Christmas fairy lights,” Ofcom explains.

Considering that fairy lights are quite common among Christmas decorations, the warning comes at a perfect time.

The new Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker app, meanwhile, is designed to check the user’s Wi-Fi setup and provide troubleshooting tips if it finds any problems. This way, users could improve their broadband speed connection, with little to no hassle. The app is now available as a free download on both Android and iOS.

According to Ofcom, its new Wi-Fi Checker should help people find out just what is causing their connections to slow down, what could interfere with the signal and what they could do to sort it out.

“The Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker, which runs on smartphones and tablets, allows consumers and businesses to discover the quality of their wireless Internet signal wherever they live or work—as well as offering practical steps to help people get the best from their connection,” adds Ofcom.

Of course, Ofcom’s warning that a number of things could slow down your Wi-Fi doesn’t mean that one should eliminate Christmas lights, microwave ovens, baby monitors and all other electronics that may interfere with the wireless broadband connection. Simply moving the router a bit farther away from such things should improve the Wi-Fi speed.


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