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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum With Laser Guidance System Launched

by Rajdeep

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum With Laser Guidance System Launched

Xiaomi’s diverse portfolio seems to get more diverse with each passing day and on Wednesday, the company announced a robotic vacuum cleaner that goes by the name Mi Robot Vacuum. It will be available from September 6 in China at CNY 1,699 (roughly Rs. 17,000) via Mi.com and Mi Home Stores.

The Mi Robot Vacuum was developed by Mi Ecosystemcompany Rockrobo, and it has been equipped with the company’s in-house developed Laser Distance Sensor, which is able to scan its surroundings across 360 degrees 1,800 times per second. The company said the system is similar to the laser guidance system on self-driving cars.

Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum uses use three dedicated sensors for real-time mapping and positioning, apart from Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms, all of which together help the vacuum recognise the best path that needs to be taken in order to clean the home, the company said in its release.

The vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi comes with 12 sensors including an ultrasonic radar sensor, a cliff sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and just like its other Mi Ecosystem products, it is integrated with company’s Mi Home app. The Mi Robot Vacuum’s integration with Mi Home app means that you can control the robot remotely, monitor the cleaning progress, and also set schedules for the cleaning.

The main brush in the Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner comes with an adjustable height for thorough dirt pick-up on uneven surfaces, the company said in its release. The robot also maintains a 1cm distance from walls to leverage the side brushes. It sports a 5200mAh battery that is rated to deliver up to 2.5 hours of cleaning. It uses a Nidec brushless DC motor for the vacuum, with up to 1800Pa air pressure.

Xiaomi’s Mi Ecosystem partner Huami earlier this week unveiled the company’s first smartwatch (for adults) called the Xiaomi Amazfit.

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