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5 must-have apps to help you organise your life

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As an adult, there is always something that seems to get in the way of being fully organised.  These five apps have been carefully designed to save time and minimise your stress levels, organising your day-to-day life so that you don’t have to.


On a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing that you look forward to more than coming home to a cosy house – but when you forget to turn your heating timer on, you’re soon disappointed. The Hive Active Heating app controls your heating system remotely, ensuring your home is warm for your arrival.

Out of Milk

The Out of Milk app has been designed to eliminate your food shopping mishaps such as your partner buying milk without letting you know or your paper list flying out of your pocket.

The app allows you to create shopping lists that you can share with all members of the house so that nothing is ever missed off the shopping list – or things can be checked off when they are bought. Your list will update almost instantly, so you’ll never end up with 24 eggs and eight pints of milk again!

7 Minute Workout

Many adults sign up to a gym membership with good intentions, but often the money is wasted as there’s not enough hours in the day for a workout. 7 Minute Workout is an app created to offer a flexible approach to exercise, it’s great if you’re looking to boost your fitness without the annual commitment.

It is based on the popular high intensity training approach, with 12 exercises to complete in 30 second intervals. It can be used on your lunch break or before work.

Evernote Scannable

The Evernote Scannable app helps you make sense of all your paperwork to avoid the tedious chore of battling through all your documents to look for one receipt. Simply scan them via your smartphone camera and create a digital bank of information.

It is also handy for networking. Using your camera as a scanner, you can scan a business card and it automatically creates a contact for that person.

True Potential Investor

Most people aspire to set more money aside and invest effectively, however it can be difficult to manage your funds alongside a busy schedule. True Potential Investor is an app that lets you manage your money and investments better.

Created by ISA and personal pension provider True Potential Investor, the self-directed investment service allows you to set goals, work out how much you’ll need to achieve it and invest your cash direct from the app. You can select from a range of investment portfolios with differing levels of risk to help you meet your goals*.

*With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change at any time.

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