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5 Things Travel Blogging Taught Me

by Loknath Das

Travel Blogger

Blogging is one of those professions that is gradually gaining its presence in the limelight. Not many people did know about this platform a few decades back and I was one of them. I always had this notion that being career oriented means working a desk job and simply doing what everyone else was doing. Little did I know that when I actually took in that courage within me and explored the risks that I would actually live. I left my normal desk job to start working full time as a travel blogger and there is nothing I regret in this. Not only have I experienced new things, but I have also learned so much as well. So, if you ask me what running a travel blog in India has taught me, I do have some to share around with you.

Taking risks is fine

Living a morbid life doing what everyone else was doing was not something I am proud of. Taking the risk of leaving everything behind and starting my own travel blog has taught me that it’s sometimes okay to take the risks. If you confine yourself thinking about failure, chances are that you will never be able to do something new or something that you actually love doing. I love traveling and being able to explore new places and write about my experience for the world to read is a compelling thought, but a worthy one.

Live while we are young

All of us get one life to live and I was not going to sit here waste it away. Being a travel blogger gives me the opportunity to explore new places and get to see new places altogether. Trust me, I couldn’t be more thankful for what I do and being a travel blogger is what has taught me that living life at the moment is the way to go about with it.

Failure is okay

Establishing a blog is a very strenuous and hard process. I didn’t achieve it in a day and I have faced a lot of setbacks that have made me question everything. But, the one thing that I have learned being a travel blogger is the fact that it is okay to fail at times. If you don’t fail, it is not possible to know what needs to be done differently to get success.

Trust your inner voice

Being a travel blogger, I have understood that it is not just about taking rampant decisions but being thoughtful about it is important too. You just can’t up and decide to be a blogger one day and give up the idea the next day. Trust your inner voice and then ensure that you are following it relentlessly.


It is true that you do everything dedicated when you are doing something that you actually love doing. It is not at all surprising that being a travel blogger has taught me to be patient and dedicated to my work and I couldn’t be more thankful for this journey so far.

All in all, travel blogging has taught me some of the biggest life lessons and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.


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