Jaymin Shah is making some serious dent in the blogging industry

At the age of 19, many of us were either drowning in the sea of assignments or were too stoned to think about our future. But then there was Jaymin shah, at the first meeting Jaymin comes off like a breath of fresh air just how Rancho came in for Frahan. When we all Chaturs were busy jumping through the hoops of exams Jaymin was busy publishing his columns on Huffingpost.

At the age of 19 Jaymin successfully founded a news portal – NewsEnquire, and hell even hired a few people while many of his age were busy taking loans from our friends for a cigarette (Smoking is injurious to health, FYI). Jaymin, who was once blogging about tech and the stock market has now expanded his horizon to Bollywood and lifestyle. He is one of the youngest bloggers to cover such a wide range of news.

Don’t miss judge him for Steve Job, though he wears glasses like Jobs, he has not taken a rain check on his education. The 19-year-old influencer holds a diploma in L J Polytechnic and has a brain of pure Gujarati i.e he knows how to make money. The way he is tirelessly putting out content suggests it won’t be long when he will become one of the biggest names in the blogging industry.


Excerpts from a blogging mom: Sanity Straight from the Oven

Written by: Zoe Vedova, Humour editor

Hello, world! My name is Sheela McGummery
and I blog about my baking!
I am a proud woman of the suburbs and I
bake to fill my life with the sort of sweetness
I used to find in my marriage. LOL
For any baking inquiries, please email


Now here is a neat twist on a fun, summery treat that will really boost your neighborhood cred when you show up to your stepchild’s little league BBQ with a tray of these healthy snacks!

I can assure you this recipe is a foolproof way to get into the inner circle of moms who secretly do MDMA behind the concession stand at youth baseball tournaments.

God, I wanted in on it so bad, hahahahaaaahahah . . . we’ve all been there, it’s time to be out in the open about loving . . . Lemon bars!

Just licking the icing sugar off the top . . .

I came up with this recipe last month.

It was one Saturday morning, after returning from my biweekly meeting as the treasurer on the board of Moms for Cross-Fit for Toddlers, and I had sooooo many lemons left in my fridge. (Way too many for just gin and tonics, am I right, ladies?! Find my Alcoh-lishous Adult Gin Juice Box recipe here.) I had to whip up something simply fantastic for my step-sons baseball BBQ!

That snake in the grass Rebecca was going to be there parading around a pie, as if that pastry harlot could craft a perfectly formed pie crust herself and didn’t purchase a Tenderflake® Pie Shell for $3.99 from Thrifty’s like the kitchen coward she is.

We have such a fun relationship.

My therapist (find her at www.facebook.com/Cul-de-sac_Saviour_Moms/) says baking is a constructive way to release my anger towards my late father, who abandoned my mother and I to become a vaudeville actor in Winnipeg in 1971. Though my obsession with light, lemony, summer nibbles is only to protect the health and safety of my Family!!!1! Just like that time I had to knock that insurance salesman out cold with a Yellow Pages phonebook (they’re still good for something) and I pulled his unconscious body out to the street to make it appear as if my neighbors had run him over with their car.

I was acting on karma’s will. Those people are always parking on the street when the community bylaw makes it perfectly clear you cannot park where the sidewalk line is painted WHITE. They do not get to evade the municipality’s cold hard judicial judgment when I’m around.

Back on to the lemon bars. I firmly believe that baking has the power to bring families together. My eldest (biological) son has just returned from his first-year at university, and I was SO worried he’d turned into a liberal while away in the big city. But if there’s anything that can bring family values back into our lives in this modern age, it’s MY vegan lemon bars.

This recipe simply needs organic lemons. If you can’t afford them, maybe you should try this lemon bar recipe: Low-Income Lemon Bars I made for the annual Frugal Friday! Organic lemons show you really respect the lemons for everything the faithful fruit has done for our country. Especially in the Second World War.


Blogging Platforms Market Outlooks, Future Forecasts, Key Players, and Competitive Analysis 2019-2025

Blogging Platforms Market

Industry Overview of  Blogging Platforms Market

The global Blogging Platforms market research report studies market overview defining; definition, types, applications latest trends to identify the revenues and the progress of the market over the forecast period. The report offers the preventive and premeditated management along with emphasizes the summary of the global Blogging Platforms market along with classifications and market chain structures. It also highlights authorized statistics of the global Blogging Platforms market.

The key players covered in this study : : 

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into : 

Market segment by Application, split into : 
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Large Enterprises

The fundamental purpose of this Blogging Platforms market report is to provide a correct and strategic analysis of the Profile Projectors industry. The report scrutinizes each segment and sub-segments presents before you a 360-degree view of the said market.It provides a deep insight into the industry parameters by accessing the market growth, consumption volume, the upcoming market trends, and the different prices variation for the forecast year.

The research methodology of the market involves both primary as well as secondary research data sources. It commits different factors affecting Blogging Platforms industry such as market environment, various policies of the government, past data and market trends, technological advancements, upcoming innovations, market risk factors, market restraints, and challenges in the industry.

The study objectives of this report are:
To study and forecast the market size of in global market.
To analyze the global key players, SWOT analysis, value and global market share for top players.
To define, describe and forecast the market by type, end use and region.
To analyze and compare the market status and forecast between China and major regions, namely, United States, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Rest of World.
To analyze the global key regions market potential and advantage, opportunity and challenge, restraints and risks.

Important Questions Covered in this Report:
1. What will the market size be in 2025?
2. What are the key factors driving the global market?
3. What are the challenges to market growth?
4. Who are the key players in the market?
5. What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key players?
6. What will be the growth rate in 2025?
7. Which strategies are used by top players ?

For compiling the report, data has been derived from a number of paid and unpaid sources such as presentations, white papers, journals, and press releases. It offers in-depth information obtained through extensive primary and secondary research methods. The information has been further assessed using various effective analytical tools. Therefore, the report provides a 360-degree view of market.

At last, It includes the methodical description of the various factors such as the Blogging Platforms market growth and a detailed information about the different company’s revenue, growth, technological developments, production and the various other strategic developments.


Blogging provides a community — or a paycheck — to Idaho Falls mothers

Idaho Falls Moms Blog MAIN

Every detail of Valerie Illguth’s life is potential fodder for her blogs.

She started her travel blog, 51 Cent Adventures, six years ago to write about all the unique and under-the-radar places her family visited on vacations. Over the last few months, she has been writing about all the details of Yellowstone National Park that they encountered while living in an RV near the park last summer. In December she joined the newly started Idaho Falls Moms Blog as one of a team of volunteers writing about her life and the area. Her most recent post talked about the effects of her son’s autism.

Why did Illguth enjoy blogging enough to write for two sites?

“I don’t know,” she laughed. “It’s a good hobby. I don’t need to have any other items around than my laptop.”

It’s easier than ever to create a website and share your writings online. WordPress, one of the world’s largest blog-supporting websites, sees more than 70 million new posts every month.

Not all of those blogs will draw in a ton of traffic or earn their creators money — the average WordPress post gets fewer than six views a month— but most bloggers aren’t looking to make it rich as long as they attract some community of readers.

In the last year, a handful of new blogs have started adding their content to the web out of Idaho Falls. One is a collective effort from more than 20 women looking to help local families, while the other is one woman’s attempt to expand her platform to speak about her disease.

The Moms Blog

In August, Idaho Falls became one of the 92 cities represented by the City Moms Blog Network. Idaho Falls Moms Blog, staffed by nearly two dozen volunteers from in and around the city, is the only city in Idaho, Utah or Wyoming to join the network.

Idaho Falls Moms Blog
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Heather Jarrell speaks to a Post Register reporter about the Idaho Falls Moms Blog on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

“We’re kind of a dot on our own over here,” Idaho Falls founder Heather Jarrell said.

Jarrell started the blog as a one-stop location for parents like her to see what the opportunities are for families in the city. The blog gets a lot of traffic from its roundup of the weekend events that will be happening and the guides offering advice on where to find splash pads or host a kid’s birthday party.

“I felt like I was hearing about all these great things that were happening in town and wanted to get all that information in one place,” Jarrell said.

The blog is run by a team of volunteers, many of whom only post once a month. It gives them freedom to write about any subject, whether it’s recent things that happened with their children or advice on what to do during the summer. Some posts are sponsored by local businesses — Jarrell said health-related events have proven especially popular.

Some of those contributors also manage blogs of their own outside the Idaho Falls Moms Blog. Valerie Illguth started her travel blog six years ago while her husband was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. She said her friends enjoyed hearing about the unique places she would stumble across with her husband and children, so she began writing about them online to get a wider audience while her husband was serving.

“He was deployed to Korea and I was at home with four kids. I would turn on ‘Toy Stor,’ and I would sit and write so I would feel like I was communicating with the outside world,” Illguth said.

The Illguths live outside Pocatello and she isn’t the only mother from outside the city limits writing for the Idaho Falls Moms Blog. The blog posts generally shy away from controversial topics or politics but the differing ages and experiences of the writers allow for some variety in the writing styles. Contributing writer Kim Lewis thought that style combined with the local focus of the blog has helped to grow its audience.

“It’s validating to hear from others in the community that are dealing with the same things,” Lewis said.

{strong style=”font-size: 1em;”}Hailey and a Spoon{/strong}

{p dir=”ltr”}Hailey Williams has been managing a YouTube channel for five years, since around the time her second daughter was born. Her videos were focused on parenting and her family life until she was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2016.

Blogger two
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Hailey Williams enjoys the freedom being a blogger provides. Williams is able to work almost anywhere and that allows her to spend more time with her family. She often blogs in her garage so she can be near her two daughters Khloe, 7, and Kaelyn, 5, while they play outside.

{p dir=”ltr”}She switched the focus of her channel to gluten awareness and advocacy. She cut back her number of videos to just one a week but saw her subscriber count rise from just over 1,000 people to nearly 6,000. Last month, Williams used that momentum to launch her own blog called Hailey and a Spoon. She admitted that, before she had launched a blog of her own, she hadn’t been that interested in reading food blogs.

{p dir=”ltr”}“I know if I was going to do blogging it would have to be my style. If I’m not going to like writing that, why would anyone want to read it?” Williams said.

{p dir=”ltr”}That shift in the focus of the blog is not unique to Williams.

{p dir=”ltr”}Former Post Register commentary page editor Katie Stokes ran her own ‘mommy blog’ in Idaho Falls for several years, around the time that blogging first peaked early in the days of the Great Recession.

“It was an easy way to women who were staying home with their kids to pick up some income,” Stokes said.

{p dir=”ltr”}Since then, Stokes said a lot of parents have dialed back on the details they shared about their children. The blogs would stay online forever, meaning an embarrassing story from when a child was 3 could follow them for the rest of their life. Stokes deleted her blog a few years ago in an attempt to remove some of the more personal details she had shared.

{p dir=”ltr”}Williams’ husband recently earned his technical degree and began working as a mechanic in town, but her YouTube channel and blog has become her main source of income. She runs the occasional sponsored video reviewing a gluten-free product and works with the local gluten-free store Mom’s Place. Last month, she traveled to Utah to create videos and meet representatives from celiac-friendly brands at the Nourish Festival.

{p dir=”ltr”}Traveling to Utah also allowed her to connect with other people who blog about the same subject. Gluten-free recipe blogs are much more common in Utah than in eastern Idaho, which has made it tougher for her to befriend other local bloggers.

{p dir=”ltr”}“There’s not a lot of what I do here. I have a niche, so it’s harder to make an acquaintance or friendship easily,” Williams said.

{p dir=”ltr”}Creating a website over the last month and becoming a blogger has led to changes in Williams’ life. She had to learn about website design and coding without any formal training on the subject. Her schedule moved around to let her post regular weekly content — Monday nights are preparing for her YouTube videos to post the next morning and Friday nights are the final touches for her Saturday blog posts.

{p dir=”ltr”}The trade-off for those nights of work, however, is that Williams can easily spend time with her kids at home or take them wherever they need to go without worrying too much about her schedule.

“I can work from the house, the park, the garage. I like being able to work from anywhere,” she said.


A decade of blogging: Making sense in the cyber highway

BLOGGING is currently the prevailing practice by individuals who have the passion to write and tell stories about places, people and events using advance technology as the fastest and most effective channel of communication.

Before technology dominates the cyber world, people had a hard time communicating. Even in relationships, one has to physically visit the person who is the love interest. It involves a lot of hard work because one has to court the whole family only to win their hearts and eventually the heart of the love interest.

People used to communicate either by letters or phone calls (landline), through friends and through mutual interactions. Those were the old days.

But now, with the advent of technology, everything is made easy even in courtship, business, and family relations.

Petty quarrels even occupy the interest of the cyber community, which is quite a downside. But people become more conscious about their looks, clothing, behaviors, and language and have all the reasons to celebrate in most if not all occasions.

But here comes blogging, few individuals put together their passion and formed a group named the Negrense Bloggers. Their group rings a bell in the corporate world. They just marked their 10th anniversary on May 25.

The Negros Bloggers started in May 30, 2009 with pioneers Ruby Caberte, May Castro and Glady Tomulto, who felt the need to professionalize their craft of blogging.

They held meetings and sponsored blogging seminars to gather and network with other bloggers based in Bacolod City.

Soon, through blog hopping, link exchange and social networking, the group grew by leaps and bounds, attracting many Negrense bloggers based in Bacolod as well from other parts of the country.

This has led to the creation of the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc., a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered, non-profit, non-stock association.

Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. is the juridical personality behind the Negros Bloggers.

Their mission is to promote, preserve, and develop the arts, culture, business, environment, tourism, and history of the Negrenses in the blogosphere.

They are also a community of bloggers who help one another develop and professionalize their craft, foster camaraderie and friendship, while at the same time gather other Negrense bloggers together through link parties, seminars and guest posts. They help each other look for new opportunities that may benefit their readers.

They are governed by the core values of honesty, integrity, excellence and ethics in our blogging. We build mutually beneficial linkages with other bloggers and blogging networks in other cities and provinces in the Philippines and around the world who share our values, passion, and philosophy.”

Ruby Caberte, founding President said, “It’s been ten years since we started Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. It makes me really happy and very proud that they have come a long way and have become one of the premier blogging organization in the country today. To my Negrense Bloggers family, keep on shining and growing! Cheers to the next 10 years and more!”

Glady Reyes said, “After 10 years of blogging, we want to give back to the community by mentoring the youth who want to go into blogging as platform for their advocacy and business.”

Couple bloggers Dennis and Sigrid Lo are grateful of their blogging and their organization.

Sigrid said, “I’m grateful to be part of the Negrense Blogging Society. While we may be called bloggers, we uphold blogging ethics and journalistic values by reporting only facts and sharing opinion based on facts. It has been our group’s goal to be a channel of change and positivism in the city, promoting Bacolod to the world through our websites.”

Dennis said, “We are against fake news and together we stand to share only information about our society and about life that is helpful and true.”

They even had influence on their kids Shawna Din and Dorothy Shane who also have their YouTube vlog channel: sistersactkidscantell.


Blogging Couple Travels The Globe While Earning $60,000+ Per Month

The Johnson Family

When Greg and Holly Johnson started their blog ClubThrifty.com in 2012, they thought it would be a fun way to document their financial journey.

“We had some student loans and car loans we wanted to pay off,” said Holly. “Once we realized other people were blogging about the same things we were experiencing in real life, we decided to give it a shot.”

Since those early days, their blog has taken on a life of its own. Greg quit his full-time job as a funeral director to work on the blog in 2015, and he currently earns over $40,000 per month through his efforts. Holly, on the other hand, quit her job in the same funeral home to write full-time. She consistently earns $20,000 per month, but sometimes more. Holly also has a popular freelance writing course — EarnMoreWriting.com — that brings in around $4,000 per month.

The crazy thing is, they’re not even at home working most of the time. Follow them on Instagram and you’ll see they are constantly in ridiculous destinations like the Swiss Alps, the Greek Islands, or the Caribbean with their kids. Since their business is entirely online, the pair can basically work from anywhere. And that’s exactly what they do.

Vivian Johnson overlooking the mountains of Switzerland

Vivian Johnson overlooking the mountains of Switzerland


How They Balance Work and Play

Earning a significant income while traveling 16 weeks or more each year may sound inspiring, but the Johnsons say it’s a lot of work. They say they are always “working ahead” when they are home so they can spend some downtime on their trips. That often means working weekends or evenings for weeks at a time.

Since Holly is a professional writer, she has a lot of deadlines she has to meet no matter what. So, she often ends up working while she travels, which isn’t always fun.

“It’s a trade-off,” she says. “I get to travel all the time, but I also have a lot of responsibility.”

During a two-week trip, she said she will usually just go ahead and set aside 3-4 days to work, even if it’s just in the morning for a few hours. This helps her stay on top of her email inbox, new content, and questions from her editors, she says.

Greg doesn’t have anyone to report to so he doesn’t have as many deadlines, but he also has to put out a lot of fires. He also monitors their website traffic and affiliate income while they travel, usually by getting up a few hours before the kids while they’re on a trip.

Because they’re often working when they travel, the couple says that, overall, they probably work 30 to 40 hours per week on average.

“It’s just more sporadic,” says Holly. “I might take a week or ten days off work then wind up working for the next 20 days straight.”

The Johnsons at the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris, France

The Johnsons at the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris, France


How They Made it Work

Anyone who has tried to find success at blogging or freelance writing knows that neither road is easy. Both fields are incredibly competitive, and it can be difficult to build long-term income that lasts.

Johnson says she and her husband have been successful because they had to be.

“We really wanted to get out of our 9-5 jobs and build a new life — one where we were in control,” she says.

When they started their online endeavors, they both used to get up early and work at 5:00 a.m. before they started their “real jobs,” and they gave up an endless number of weekends and evenings when the kids were in bed. It was hard, they both said, because they were balancing side jobs on top of parenthood and full-time work.

Greg’s success as a blogger also didn’t happen overnight. It took years for him to learn how to position their website to earn real income. And even now, their successes are mixed with plenty of failures.

“Everything doesn’t have to go right,” says Greg. “You just need to get some of the things you try to actually work.”

The bloggers spend a lot of time along Italy's Amalfi Coast

The bloggers spend a lot of time along Italy’s Amalfi Coast


Their Tips for Online Business Success

Whether you want to blog for a living or become a freelance writer, the pair offers some tips can apply to everyone.

For example, the couple stresses the importance of having multiple income streams and “not having all your eggs in one basket.” That’s part of the reason Holly still writes for a living when they clearly don’t need the money.

“We both like knowing that, no matter what happens, we aren’t going to lose all our income streams at once,” she said. “I also don’t feel the need to work with my husband 24/7. I like earning my own money even though we share our finances.”

Another tip from the pair: Keep your personal liabilities low.

“If you want to build an online business, the best thing you can do is build a debt-free lifestyle,” she says.

The Johnsons share a 2009 Toyota Prius that’s been paid off forever, and they don’t have any other debts. They even paid off their primary home in early 2018, so their housing expenses are limited to taxes, insurance (such as auto, life, and homeowners insurance), and maintenance.

Another tip for business success is “be yourself,” the couple agreed.

In the blogging and writing world, so many people try to find success by copying what other people are doing. In reality though, the same thing won’t work for everyone. You’ll have the best chance at success if you figure out who you are and what makes you different.

“We have tons of blogging friends who are wildly successful, and they all run their business a different way,” says Johnson.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the Johnsons want people to know their life isn’t perfect. They work a ton of hours and they put a lot on the line to follow their dreams. It’s not easy to bet the farm on blogging when you have two children to take care of, nor is it easy to let go of stable, well-paying jobs.

But the couple seems to persevere no matter what life throws their way — which they say is due to the fact they never gave up. And they never will.

The couple likes having money and they love to travel, they say, but they love the freedom they’ve earned the most.

Greg Johnson says he’s basically unemployable now and that he “will never get a job again.” Holly doesn’t mind working, but she always plans to stay in a freelance role instead of employment with one company — even if the job was remote. She said she doesn’t miss the minutiae of regular 9-5 work, sitting in meetings, and all the time she wasted driving back and forth.

“Nobody would hire us anyway,” she said. “Who wants an employee who travels four months of the year and hates meetings?”


‘Game of Thrones’: ET Will Be Live Blogging the Series Finale!

Image result for 'Game of Thrones': ET Will Be Live Blogging the Series Finale!It’s here.

Get ready to sing “Jenny’s Song” because Game of Thrones is officially coming to an end. After eight glorious seasons, the HBO epic is set to conclude on Sunday — and we’re still not sure who will end up on the Iron Throne.

After last week’s shocking penultimate episode, in which Daenerys ignored King’s Landing’s surrender and instead lit the place up, it’s become clear she’s not the benevolent ruler she wanted to be. Most of the Lannisters are dead — Tyrion, however, remains shocked by his queen’s actions — but the Starks are alive, and may be coming for Dany’s crown.

Despite fans’ petition to have season eight remade, we’re pretty sure this is the season eight we’ve got. ET will be live blogging Sunday’s episode from start to finish as we learn our favorite characters’ fates. Circle back when the episode starts for minute-by-minute updates of what’s going down.


Blogging Platform Market: Interactive Websites Is Creating Lucrative Market Opportunities For The Players Operating Into The Global Market

Image result for Blogging Platform Market: Interactive Websites Is Creating Lucrative Market Opportunities For The Players Operating Into The Global MarketA blogging platform is a software associated service which provides a user to publish his content such as blog, onto the internet. A blogging platform is a dedicated form of a content management system. Blogging platform supports blogger to design a professional website using its predesigned templates and available tools. Blogging platforms are broadcast style content delivery and communication systems. The blogging platforms enable bloggers or authors to publish opinions or product review and articles which can be rendered through email, stand-alone websites, social networks and feed syndications systems.

Blogging platform features an interactive website wherein use can engaged with the published content on the site. To feature reader author engagement or reader and other participant engagement, blogging platforms enable user comments. Unlike static websites, blogging platform highlights reverse chronically arranged events. This in turn help reader to easily locate latest and new content, further the platforms supports key word search feature, which help reader to find the appropriate content, moreover the advanced blogging platforms supports ecommerce feature. The chronological arrangement, ecommerce and key-word search feature help bloggers to generate significant traffic compared to traditional websites.

Blogging platforms are useful for commercial and noncommercial applications. Under no commercial applications, an author or a blogger who wish to spread the content onto the internet are opting for both free blogging platforms. Whereas, a blogger or an author with an aim to make money from its content are demanding for paid and premium blogging platforms. Since last 5 to 6 years, commercial applications of blogging platforms are gaining much traction. Wherein, the bloggers are monetizing the blogging platforms. The new and first hand content being published on the blogging platforms, help bloggers to raise its website up in Google’s website ranking.

Thus the website is likely to get more reader’s traffic. Knowing the fact, the other companies such as travel, ecommerce, insurance, etc., pay blogging platform providers to enable their advertisement, the trend of online advertisement is surging very exponentially, this in turn driving blogging platform market during the forecast period 2018 – 2026. Moreover, in the world of digitization need for interactive websites is creating lucrative market opportunities for the players operating into the global blogging platform market.

The global blogging platform market can be segmented into by component, enterprise size, application, and by end user. The component segment is sub divided into solution and services.  The enterprise segment is divided as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises. On the basis of application the global blogging platform market is further segmented as commercial and non-commercial. The end use segment is further categorized into education and research, ecommerce, information and technology (IT) and others.

On the basis of geographic region, the global blogging platform market can be segmented into North America (NA), Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe (EU), South America (SA)., and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Top countries across North America include the U.S. and Canada. Europe includes market analysis of the U.K., Germany, France, and Rest of Europe. The blogging platform market analysis across APAC comprises country level analysis across China, India, Australia, Japan, and Rest of Asia Pacific. Top countries in the Middle East & Africa and South America include GCC Countries, South Africa, and Brazil. Further, demand for enterprise IT infrastructure market from Asia pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America

Companies operating in the global blogging platform market provide advanced and scalable services in domestic and international markets. Moreover, players in the market are investing in service based models driving the global blogging platform market. Some of these major players in the market include Techclient, WordPress, Blogger, Oath Inc., and Blog.com.


Tips about blogging on Instagram

In this article, we will give you some tips about blogging on Instagram. Obviously, we cannot tell you everything about Instagram in just one article, but we will do our best to highlight the most essential tips to adequately blog on Instagram. We will start with what you should do with the text space you got. Next, we will talk about how you can create a photo album on Instagram, which is a very important aspect of your account. Thirdly we will give you tips on content creation.  After that, we have some tips on how to maintain and promote your Instagram account. Lastly, we will talk about how to make a book blog on Instagram.

A few tips on writing on Instagram

Whenever you post something on Instagram you need to make sure that you give a large block of information. You can never ever post an empty canvas! Remember this. You also need to break the message into essential pieces. Keep the following rule: One paragraph – one thought. And do this with a line break. Remember that there should be no space at the end of the phrase.

If you have trouble with inspiration or remembering where you wanted to talk about, you should consider to either use notepad or notes on your phone to write small notes for ideas every time something pops up in your head. By doing this you will make it yourself a lot easier to format your posts. You just have to write – copy, insert emoji in the part where it is an essential emphasis. And the emojis can also help you to make up lists.

Another essential tip for writing: If you ever have so much text that it does not fit properly, type the remaining thoughts in a regular editor, take a screenshot and add to the gallery together with the primary picture.

Remember the golden rule: ”Write naturally, inspiring, even if you have a complicated and dangerous topic.”

How to create a photo album for Instagram

Visual perception of your Instagram page plays a significant role in its development. Still, Instagram remains a network for visual media. Buy Instagram comments to increase your credibility as an artist. To make a beautiful picture is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing to study the theory of composition, lighting and a lot of practice. There are free mobile photography lessons on the Internet. View pages of famous companies or people and notice interesting details.

It is better to post pictures every day, one or two during the activity of your target audience. Try to identify this part of the day with a practical method, publishing during the week at different hours: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. The results of the experiment are well seen in the statistics of the account. The button is located in the upper right corner.

Content Creation Tips

  • Look for unfamiliar angles. Any object will look unusual and beautiful if you approach the matter with fantasy.
  • Process images in the same style: color, image and text sequence (chess format), frames.
  • Do not overload the picture. It should have one main idea.
  • Products and landscapes dilute portraits of people, animals.
  • Take multiple shots at once. They will come in handy on the day when shooting is not possible.
  • Use backgrounds, decorations. It could be anything. Even an old sweater, if only it is photogenic.
  • Stroll through the city, coffee shops, parks, to catch unusual and beautiful moments in the collection of materials for the posts.

Successful applications for picture development:

  • Vsco cam
  • Snapseed
  • Diptic

Do not forget about the useful tools of video and Instagram story. Both the first and second are popular among users and advertisers. The Instagram videos are short, but make up a plot or a logical sequence for them. Look for unusual angles, break the shot frames of the surrounding reality, details. Add the right music.

Another tip on maintaining and promoting an account

If your ultimate goal is monetization, be sure to go beyond your audience and profile. To find new followers it is sometimes enough to write regularly insightful comments on posts on more well-known pages.

Also, do not leave the questions of your followers unanswered. Put a moderate amount of hashtags with your post. Check out your competitors and invent your personal hashtags that you can write together with each post.

How to make a book blog on Instagram

Such profiles can create stories of book lovers. This direction is now gaining momentum. These pages are especially loved by enthusiastic readers. The account maintenance itself is not much different from any other. The requirements are the same: a beautiful visual series, edited, readable, exciting text.

What you can write about:

  • Feedback on the work.
  • A story about the novelties.
  • Moments from the biography of writers.
  • Myths associated with any publications.
  • News.
  • The roles in books.
  • Reading techniques.
  • Congratulations on the different holidays.
  • And much more.

Photo series depends entirely on the fantasy of the page creator. There are various ideas with beautiful objects, scenes, unusual angles,…

Book, as well as the rest, is monetized. If you lead it with a soul and you already have at least a thousand followers, write to the publishing house with a proposal for cooperation. Tell about yourself, give a link to the profile, show the statistical data and tell them with what conditions you want to work with. Participate in contests, write specific hashtags, thematically related to your work.


We told you how to start and adequately blog on Instagram, we looked at topics for its maintenance. This article does not cover all the secrets of this social network, but we gave essential tips. Using them, you will be able to master the social media networking site called Instagram.


How Blogging Has Changed For The Better In The Past Decade

How Blogging Has Changed For The Better In The Past Decade

Blogging has definitely come a long way since its proliferation a few decades ago.

Before Snapchat, Facebook and other online communication networks, there were blogs. Let’s take a journey to a timeless content platform that’s still as relevant as it was when it first appeared on the world wide web.

The First Blog

In 1994, an individual named Justin Hall created the very first blog.

The site was called Links.net, and it centered around links and personal dispatches. Soon, everyone wanted to have a “weblog” of their own so they could share their interests, thoughts and lives to their online friends.

From Weblog to Blog

Programmer Peter Merolz then shortened it to “blog”, and the name stuck. Then in 2002, the medium shifted from mere words to videos. The same year saw an astounding rise of the medium and the launching of Google Adsense, a monetization platform that served relevant ads within the blogger’s website.

The rise of communities centered around parenting continued, and spilled onto the YouTube platform in 2005. Media companies started moving their content to the internet in the form of opinion posts, expert advice and articles that gathered aggregate articles. People started going online just to read, watch and comment on these posts.


Microblogging soon followed after the rise of social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Curating feeds, tweets and posting videos soon became the norm. Blogging didn’t die out, but rather served a different, more specialized need.

Professional Success

Successful bloggers like Sourajit Saha filled in a niche that centered around the needs of their audience. Readers benefit from informative content such as comparison guides, ultimate buyer’s list, product reviews, recipe collection, tech and gadgets.

Businesses saw the potential and started hiring digital marketers and SEO companies to do their bidding. Bloggers soon experienced fulfilling careers going their own path or being hired by multinational companies.

Following the trend, we can safely say that blogging has indeed a bright future!