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5 Ways Outbound Call Center and Telemarketing Services Can Improve Your Business

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Discovering leads and converting them to sales is key to generating business revenue. To do this, companies need to market their products and services well,and one of the ways to do this is through telesales and telemarketing.

While social media and email marketing tools are now becoming increasingly popular, sales calls are still one of the fastest ways to look for prospects because it is cost-effective and the responsebusinesses receive from clients is very direct. In fact, a 2013 report by Discover.org revealedthat 75% of IT executives were more likely to take an appointment because of such calls.

But what happens if your telemarketing needs become too big to handle internally? This is where outsourcing telemarketing processes to outbound call centerscan help.Outsourcingtelemarketingto a third-party workforce can save you from paying additional labor costs and training fees for an in-house staff.

Let’s take a look at how hiring an outbound call center for your telemarketing services can help improve your business.

Faster lead generation

By outsourcing to a call center, you’ll get the manpower to call numerousprospects at once, which means more chances to get clients and sales. Depending on the outbound call center you hire, some might even have their own database of people to call. If not, you could also direct them to look for these leads on their own.

The other benefit you get is that call centers can monitor the status of these prospects for you. This saves your company time when it comes to determining if the lead is a good one or not. The only thing you need to do is to finalize the actual transaction once your outsourced call center notifies you.

Flexible workload for agents

Getting new leads is only the first step step in maintaining a business. The next important stepis nurturing these in preparation for finalizing your sale. At the start, it’s fine to reach as many prospects as possible, but what if your company’s workload becomes too big to handle?

Depending on the size of your company’s workforce, it may be necessaryto scale back on the amount of leads you generate to avoid overburdening them. While you may not need as many salespeople in this phase, you won’t need to lay off in-house telemarketers when you outsource. This is because call center agents can be reassigned to other accounts when you’re at the lead nurturing phase. In effect, you can upsize and downsize as needed without having to lose or hire personnel.

Can be used for surveys

Another function of the outbound call centers is customer survey generation. While online surveys exist, calling customers and interviewing them can generate more accurate insights. This is because agents are not limited to the questions on a sheet. If instructed to do so, they can ask more questions to get specific insights on why exactly customers buy or avoid certain products. This can save you the problem of having to interpret what exactly customers have written on survey forms.

Measurable results

Since agents can have assigned quotas, you can measure exactly how many prospects were called and how many leads were gained. You can then use this data to estimate the volume of sales you will get, depending on how many leads are converted. From here, steps can be taken to improve the quality of sales pitches that agents use. Your company can even decide to target different kinds of leads depending on who responds. For example, if you’re a software provider looking to make B2B transactions, you can analyze the data to see which types of businesses are more likely to respond to your sales calls. From there, you can target those who respond positively or even nurture these leads.

More detailed explanation of the subject matter

While websites can explain what your business can provide, prospects will always have clarifications. For instance, they can ask more information about specific payment terms, package inclusions, or special offers not mentioned in your site. Being able to discuss these personally with a trained call center agent can give prospects a better picture of how you do business and what you can offer.

When you outsource telemarketing to a call center, you gain the advantages of speed, flexibility and cost efficiency. They can generate a large amount of leads in a short time, monitor prospects, and obtain accurate consumer insights that you can use to grow your business. By coordinating with your call centers, you can also find out which parts of your sales pitch work and which ones don’t, depending on their feedback. This lets you improve how you reach out to prospects as well.

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