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Amar Sirohi: The Stand Out Food Blogger in the Crowded Blogging World in India

by Loknath Das

Amar Sirohi

Blogging has become quite a rage as of late. In every niche there are countless bloggers. To make a name for yourself amongst this crowded field is a massive job. Amar Sirohi has done it in food blogging through his Instagram page: @foodie_incarnate . When we talk of the best food bloggers in India, his name definitely pops up in the mind and when it comes to vegetarian food bloggers in India, he is right there at the very top of the mountain.

In his own words, ” You have to be different to stand out from the crowd. I never followed any trend of the blogging industry, i set up my own trends. When bloggers were only posting restaurnat food on their pages, i covered the streets of Delhi and started posting street food delicacies. When everyone started posting street food of Delhi, i moved on to explore Mumbai & other Indian cities. People do not wanna see the same content over and over again. It’s ad nauseam. I work really hard to bring new content to my followers, something that people have not seen before. Fresh content keeps people attached. Having said that, unlike other pages where people see the same content over and over again, people out there know that I shall post something new. Another thing i do is, i do all my posts with proper details in the caption. Posting a picture and just writing the name of the dish without any info, i don’t consider it blogging. A lot of people are doing this, i always write meaningful captions with all the details about the picture that i post. It takes extra efforts but it also creates a connection between me and those who read the caption.”

His unique approach reflects in his Instagram feed which is so properly organized and has so many dishes from different parts of the country. Doing new things, bringing new content and good content has made him a force to be reckon with in the food blogging world. One of the most popular food blogger of India already, he looks set to carry the baton of food blogging in India for a long time to come.

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