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Apple Releases tvOS 9.1, watchOS 2.1 Software Updates

by onkar

Alongside iOS 9.2 software update, which is aimed at iPhone and iPad, Apple on Tuesday also released updates for its Apple TV and the Apple Watch products. Chief among the new features the updates bring is the inclusion of Apple Music streaming service on the Apple TV.

The company is officially bringing support for Apple Music on the Apple TV. The feature was previously announced to come next year though the company did hint to an early inclusion last month when itbegan testing the streaming service on Apple TV in a tvOS beta. What’s more, the feature also supports Siri-based voice control.

Among other additions, Apple’s Remote app finally works with the new Apple TV. This will essentially make the Apple TV setup process easier, as users can now feed text input with their iPhone or iPad. The software update is also expected to offer bug fixes and performance improvements, though there’s no changelog to point out exactly what has been fixed.

Apple Watch owners will appreciate the release of watchOS 2.1. The update is available via Watch app on the iPhone. As per the changelog, the update adds Arabic language support for Siri. The system language is adding support for some other languages as well including Czech and Greek.

Interestingly, watchOS 2.1 also enables users to utilise their Apple Watch’s built-in Remote app to work with the new Apple TV. Being a point update, it is also aimed at making the device smoother, more stable, and performance efficient. watchOS 2.1 also patches several security holes, detailed on itssupport page. The company says that it has fixed a security hole that allowed a malicious app to access Contacts even after having its access revoked. The update will also prevent users from a vulnerability that allowed attackers to exploit the device when a user visited a specially crafted webpage. Apple is also addressing a vulnerability that allowed maliciously crafted font file to execute arbitrary code.


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