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Badland 2 Released for iPad and iPhone

by onkar

Sequel to Apple’s Game of the Year 2013 Badland 2 is out for iOS right now. The late launch is surprising and gutsy considering that releasing a game on the App Store mere days prior to Christmas is usually perceived as suicide for most developers.

Nonetheless, creator Frogmind doesn’t seem to think so. Badland 2 plays much like Badland. You’ll control a weird, yet adorable looking creature as you traipse past obstacles and gorgeously detailed environments. There’s very little that’s different from its predecessor.

And much like the original Badland you’ll die often thanks to saws and gears that solely exist to pummel you into trying again. There are some new features such as fluid obstacles and the ability to turn into a rolling wheel. It also borrows from the console versions of the original by allowing you to move forward and backward. There’s a deliberate sense of pace, allowing you a few moments to decide how you’d like to approach its many immersive levels. Useful considering there are a host of puzzles to solve.

At Rs. 300 for the iPhone and iPad, Badland 2 is more of the same and that’s not such a bad thing if you were a fan of the original. With a promise of free content soon after launch and no sign of it hitting other platforms, you might as well be prepared to pay for your fix of atmospheric platforming puzzle fun.


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