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Blogging for Photographers in 2020: What Actually Works?

by Loknath Das

Image result for Blogging for Photographers in 2020: What Actually Works?When it comes to blogging, there are a lot of things that can help drive traffic to your site. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of things that you can spend tons of time on and be left with a minimal return. In this video, Corey and Dylan give photographers a solid game plan for going into 2020.

I know for me, my past blogging strategy has been to ignore blogging for six months, fill a few days with frantic blogging of past sessions, and follow with another six-month spree of ignorant bliss. What I didn’t realize was that blogging these sessions was giving me little to no return. I didn’t have a plan of action going into each post, so choosing keywords and optimizing for SEO was an afterthought when the post was done.

In this video, Corey and Dylan from Fuel Your Photos walk through some great examples of how to research blog post ideas as well as check those ideas for relevance. They also talk about the importance of checking your ideas and keywords against other sources of competition.

Once you have a list of ideas, they then give you some guidelines on how to make each post carry the most weight with search engines such as Google — things like the free Chrome extension Headingsmap, which can give you a great idea of how Google will process your site’s headings. Corey goes on to explain that if you can’t determine what your content is about from this heading map, then you probably have some work to do in order to clean things up.

Toward the end, they also give some great advice on how to best leverage some of this long-form content on your site. Instead of simply posting to your blog, you can also create a section to feature these posts on your main homepage. Not only does this lead clients directly to the content you want them to see, but you also give the new post more authority by having it linked on your main page.

The video is a solid hour-plus in length, but I feel it was absolutely worth the time.


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