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Blogging project promotes positivity and giving

by Loknath Das

HEARTFELT: Lisa Burston says sometimes when she writes her blog posts

HAVE you performed a good deed? Lisa Burston wants to know about it.

The Gladstone woman and former professional photographer is seven weeks into a self-assigned 52-week kindness project.

Each week she has published a blog post about a member or members of the Gladstone region who help their community.


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Her week two project has resulted in her car being constantly full of rubbish, but she’s not complaining.

For the project, Ms Burston took her nine-year- old daughter, Lilli, with her to South End, Curtis Island, to meet a family who routinely collect rubbish along the shoreline.

Since then, Lilli has been a devoted rubbish collector

“She picks it up and I get home and put it all in the bin,” Ms Burston said.

She hoped her project would encourage her daughter to appreciate

what she had.

“We don’t have everything but we have enough, I want to set that kind of example, there are always people out there worse off than you,” she said.

She also hoped her project would have a domino effect.

“If I hit you with a bit of kindness, then you can hit someone else,” she said.

“Hopefully it will keep going. That’s my plan.”

It would seem her plan is working.

Ms Burston has received “quite a few” messages from people who were inspired to pick up rubbish.

“A lady messaged me to say that they’ve cleaned out their linen cupboard for the wildlife carers,” she said.

“Another lady has cleaned out her cupboard so she can donate it to the soup kitchen.

Ms Burston said taking on the project was daunting.

“I was a bit scared that maybe I wouldn’t get every week and I made a promise to myself I would try,” she said.

“I was born (in Gladstone). It’s good to find those things I never knew existed, that’s a motivation for me.”

On top of her weekly blog post Ms Burston is determined to give back to each group or person she features.


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