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Can Livestreaming Replace Blogging? One Fashion Influencer Says No

by Loknath Das

If you regard livestreaming as the undisputed “best” marketing tactic, you haven’t been in marketing long, especially if you think it’s a standalone strategy. Established brands know getting traction for a full blog requires good, consistent writing combined with patience and measurement, especially if tying in video — edited or live.

Can Livestreaming Replace Blogging?

One livestreamer and public speaker says blogging is worthwhile for numerous reasons. If you’re unsure about the value of serious blogging on the web, Rebecca Casserly’s strategy will set you straight. Small Business Trends first met Casserly at a livestreamers’ meetup in New York City in June of 2016. Her understanding of where blogging overlaps with brands, livestreaming, growth, metrics, events and publicity was why we reconnected for this interview.

Can Livestreaming Replace Blogging? One Fashion Influencer Says No

Rebecca Casserly, known online as “BecBoop” (and @BoopFashionista on Twitter), is a London based livestreamer and blogger. She is a finalist in the 2017 Shorty Awards for Periscoper of the Year and was a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2016 for best use of social media. Casserly blogs about fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle at BecBoop.com while engaging with her community of over 135,000 followers across her social media platforms. In 2016, Onalytica.com ranked her the number 4 global beauty influencer based on Twitter influence, and top 50 fashion influencer in 2017. Casserly has worked with many global brands on her blog and was also the first livestreamer to cover London Fashion Week on her Periscope channel. She has presented as an industry expert about her livestreaming experience at Twitter UK’s 10th birthday event and also at MojoCon, the world’s largest mobile journalism conference.

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Small Business Trends: I was happy to learn that you’re aware of the Moz metric named “Domain Authority”, or DA for short. Where did you learn about DA? What’s your favorite site to learn more about it?

Rebecca Casserly: I first heard of DA when brands or PR’s were requesting it as a statistic in order to work with bloggers. This got me wondering what my own blog DA is — BecBoop.com is currently DA 32 — and the factors which affect blog DA. To be honest, I mostly read about DA and how to increase it through various blogging groups on Facebook or blog posts. It is a pretty well-known statistic in the blogging world now and it’s something most bloggers try to work to increase.

Small Business Trends: Yes, bloggers realize brands prefer DA 30 and higher, so bloggers discuss it. Livestreamers almost never talk DA this or DA that, especially Periscopers. I’ve noticed tons of Periscopers don’t even have a blog, and that’s partly why brands aren’t contacting them. And blog posts generally don’t scare brands. When did you start blogging? Do you embed videos into your blog posts? Is it important for live streamers to blog?

Rebecca Casserly: I have been blogging for over four years now, and after two years of blogging I made the move from a small city in the west of Ireland to London. I started livestreaming when Periscopelaunched two years ago and then developed a strategy to incorporate livestreaming into my blog content. I think it’s really important for livestreamers to have a website or blog to share their content outside of the platform where they create it. For instance, I usually embed my livestreams into blog posts where relevant.

Small Business Trends: What’s your subscription box “BoopBox” about, and where can people learn more about it?

Rebecca Casserly: I have just launched my first community based product which I am really excited about! I have been working on this project for months and I couldn’t wait to tell my followers on Periscope. The BoopBox is a monthly themed lifestyle subscription box with a twist. Every month the box will have a specific theme and will be full of products which I have curated. Along with this, subscribers will have exclusive access to my private broadcasts, social media tips, giveaways and other fun and exciting content. You can sign up at www.BoopBox.com

Small Business Trends: What other platforms do you use?

Rebecca Casserly: I have recently started focusing a lot on my YouTube channel and I create travel vlogs and weekly vlogs over there. I try to upload one video a week. Along with this, I am on Snapchat and Instagram as Bec_Boop.

Small Business Trends: Are you asking your Periscope followers to also follow you on Twitter, or do most of them just do that naturally?

Rebecca Casserly: I always ask my followers to follow on Twitter. Mostly because Twitter is my favourite platform to use, it is the platform I am most active on and I check most regularly. So Twitter is the easiest way for my community to get in touch with me and also see the content which I am sharing. I have also started recommending my followers turn on live-video notifications on Twitter to get a notification every time I start a Periscope broadcast. This way they will have more of a chance to experience the broadcast live.

Small Business Trends: How should people get in touch with you?

Rebecca Casserly: It’s really easy to get in touch with me! I’m @BoopFashionista on Twitter, or you can email [email protected]


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