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Catching Up on Missed Articles with a Paid Subscription

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You might make every attempt to stay up on the latest news in your line of work. However, after a full day of treating patients and handling office work, you may have very few hours left in the day to read trade magazine articles.

When you want to get caught up with news that you may have missed, you can read articles at your leisure on the weekend or during other breaks by subscribing to publications like magazines, journal of dentistry, newspapers, and other literature pertaining to your industry. You can sign up and get started today by going online to the journal’s website.

Online Sign Up

Subscribing to a professional journal used to require that people fill out a paper application or postcard and then mail it in with a check or a money order. You can still utilize this old-fashioned method of subscribing to the journal. However, you can expedite the process and get access today by subscribing to the publication entirely online.

The online sign up requires that you input your basic contact details before choosing and paying for the desired length of subscription. Once your payment clears on your debit or credit card, you can immediately start reading current and back issues of the journal.

You can browse editions that were released a few months ago or those that were sent out to subscribers last year. You can also find editions from several years ago if you wish.

Along with accessing archived issues, you can also start reading the current publication available to subscribers right now. You then can expect to continue to receive the journal for the remainder of your subscription.

Making Your Own Contributions

If you have been in practice for years, you may have a vast amount of professional knowledge that you want to share with your peers as well as newcomers to the industry. You may have made remarkable discoveries about dental technology or patient care.

You can contribute to the journal by writing articles and editing them according to the standards on the website. You can then submit them for consideration and publishing in the next month’s edition.

Professional journals, magazines, and other publications help dentists like you stay ahead of the latest industry news and trends. You may not have a lot of time during the work week to read articles. You can get caught up by subscribing to and browsing archived journals during your downtime.

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