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CBCS syllabi authorised by Delhi University Academic Council, approved courses to commence from July 20

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Delhi UniversityThis year’s dust storm, the Choice Based Credit System (COBS), is particularly intense. The University Grants Commission will be responsible for designing both syllabi and structure for course.

Without spending much time, DU issued a statement, saying, “AC in its meeting approved with a huge majority (79 to 22) all courses under COBS for the ensuing academic session commencing July 20″.

It further claimed,”A heartwarming feature is that teachers have cooperated in large numbers with the framing of the courses of study through their departments and proper procedures have been followed by these departments and by their respective affiliating faculties”. The syllabi will be placed before Executive Council on Tuesday.

According to the statement of EC member Abha D Habib, “It was pre-decided that CBCS is to be implemented, but the agenda was on passing the syllabi. There was no deliberation on CBCS and this is completely illegal”. Out of the 23 elected teachers’ representatives, 22 dissented.
The elected members raised objections on the meeting itself as it was called violating regular procedures, said Delhi University’s Teachers Association.

It is believed that the teachers across the country are being told what to teach without their participation in policymaking and designing courses. It will alienate teachers and educators who are crucial for any change to take shape in classrooms and labs. This refusal to use their expertise in deciding the structure and content is most damaging for the quality of education.

Academics for Action and Development stated, “The letter from HRD secretary on introduction of CBCS in all central universities is in direct conflict with the powers of the universities”.

Following nine hours of levelheaded discussion on the syllabi under Choice Based Credit System at DU’s Academic Council on Monday, the vice-chancellor unexpectedly disrupted the meeting, said elected teachers’ representatives. The syllabi of more than 100 courses were set before the gathering.








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