Do You Have The New IPhone In Your Hands? What Do You Think?

Do You Have The New iPhone in Your Hands? What Do You Think?

Gizmodo wrote about our first impressions, our thoughts on 3D Touch, and put the camera through its paces, but I’m curious about your experience. Are you holding an iPhone 6s right now? Is it rose gold?

I’ve gotten used to my trusty Samsung Galaxy S6 and am unsure if I should make the swap back to iPhone. My colleagues seem pretty excited about 3D Touch, and I miss the ease of iMessage in terms of group texting. But there are Android features I’ve been enjoying, and the iPhone means a big monetary investment, even broken down across months.

So I’m wondering if you have the new iPhone, and if you’re pleased or bored already with your purchase. Is 3D Touch making your life better? Have the upgraded camera and faster speeds seemed like improvements you can’t do without now? Or are you like me, and biding your time in indecision?






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