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EaseUS data recovery on iPhone

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The EaseUS MobiSaver Free is helpful software for partitioning purposes. It has a vast amount of partitioning capabilities. It offers basic partitioning features like creating a new partition, deleting a particular partition. It can merge different partitions. It has the ability to resize the different partitions. While moving or resizing a partition it does not provide a setup wizard for easing out the process. Additional portioning features are also present in the EaseUS .

recovery software It has the ability to clear and remove the data stored on the hard drives. It helps a provision for partitioning and activating a specific. The specific can also be hidden if you desire. When you have opted to hide the specific at that time it will not show up even in the control panel of the computer. Although it becomes invisible in the control panel, but you can see the accurate  in the EaseUS software.

Infographic for iPhone data loss and recovery

Data Loss and Recovery. An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services.

Infographic created and provided by EaseUS.

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