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Effectively Combining Online Marketing with Offline Marketing Pays Off

by Loknath Das


With the growing penetration of the internet, turning a blind eye to the online business has become futile for traditional business owners. With nearly half of world population, 49.7% to be precise, available on the internet, business owners are left with no choice but to setup a 24/7 accessible digital shop online – either in a form of self-owned eStore or joining any popular internet market place. As online and offline are two different play grounds, business needs to have different strategies to win in each play ground; and among all those strategies customer acquisition strategy is the most important and difficult as well.

Are you unsure about how to attract more shoppers and customers? With so many marketing options available, it can be difficult to see the woods for the trees. However, by combining the latest online marketing strategies with tried and trusted traditional offline marketing methods, you can reach a huge number of potential shoppers and customers in a much more effective way. Below are some of the ways you can do this.

Educate Yourself

Before you can master any online marketing or offline marketing methods, it’s essential to develop your marketing skills and increase your marketing knowledge. A wide range of MS marketing online courses is available from universities like New England College. Once you complete a course such as an online MSM degree you will have up-to-date knowledge about these areas and you will be in a much better position to put this marketing knowledge into practice in your organization.

Newspapers and Magazines

Despite the popularity of the internet, huge numbers of people still read physical newspapers and magazines. This is particularly true for local publications and niche specific publications that have hundreds, thousands, and even millions of avid readers.

With such huge offline audiences, these types of newspapers and magazines are the perfect places to advertise and publish interesting articles that are closely related to your business and the products and services it provides.

The content you submit to newspapers and magazines should include all of your online details, such as your website, your online contact details, any online special offers you have, subscription pages, and any other relevant details you think you should mention.

Offline Event Announcements

When your business has an important offline event coming up, such as a sale, a conference, a trade show or some other gathering that you want a lot of people to attend, it’s essential to get the word out to as many people as possible about the event in question.

Regularly mentioning the event in the run up to the big day through social media, your website, and other online outlets is an extremely effective way to combine your online marketing and offline marketing strategies so that a larger number of people are aware of the event in question.

Add Online Details to Offline Marketing Materials

Where possible, you should add your online marketing details to your offline marketing materials, such as business cards, leaflets, and any other marketing items that you give to your potential customers and shoppers. In many instances, when you do this, other people will check out you and your business through the details you give them by going online. Your online marketing outlets should also promote the offline side of your business too.

Consistent Branding

To make your branding more effective, it’s essential for it to be consistent across your online and offline marketing outlets. This will build trust and ensure that your business is recognized by more people, for all the right reasons.

Combining online marketing with offline marketing should be the goal of every business. If you can do this properly, you will create an extremely strong brand and achieve much more from your marketing efforts.


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