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Engineering yourself for a successful career

by onkar

Engineering is a fascinating field of study. Photo: Anu Pushkarna

Tips to make your engineering degree count in the competitive world of campus placements

Engineering education requires a transformation to meet the needs of employers, the challenges facing the profession and the community as a consequence of the rapid development of technology, the demands of large and complex projects and the need for socially responsible multidisciplinary innovation. A bachelor’s degree in engineering opens the door to several professional careers and exciting higher study options. In today’s high-tech world, an engineering degree is a great foundation for careers in traditional engineering fields as well as careers in management, sales, government, medicine, research, law, teaching, and many more.

The technological problems faced by modern society are quite complex and it is the duty of the engineers to provide appropriate solutions. This solution providing makes engineering a fascinating field of study and will provide engineers with a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the society. To be successful, engineering students must become skilled in basic engineering principles and practices, be trained to think analytically, learn how to communicate effectively, and work in multidisciplinary teams.

Students often have misconceptions about a career in engineering. They often underestimate the amount of report writing involved; they underestimate the importance of communication and negotiation, they don’t realise the amount of responsibility that they are likely to have, and the extent to which they will have to use their own judgment, and make their own decisions, rather than just doing what they are told. Engineering involves imagination and innovation.

Engineering graduates have a very good chance of being employed compared to other professions. Though the job environment is highly competitive, there are real skill shortages in engineering.

To get placed during the campus placements, students should be well prepared beforehand by developing certain qualities as envisaged here.

Involvement in various projects: Participate in every experimental and hands on learning opportunity that is allowed in the schedule. This will enable you to show something to the prospective employer while others will be able to list down only the courses they have studied. Additionally, you will be employing the theories which you have studied and by doing practicals will retain that knowledge. Also, such activities will boost your communication and interpersonal skills.

Work as a team as much as you can rather than alone: Whether doing practicals or mini projects, participating in sports or arts, get involved with the team to produce great results. The experiences which you acquire during your college days will enable you to lead the teams when you graduate.

Understand the importance of networking: Attend as many lectures in the form of seminars, conferences and so on in your campus and outside. Try to get introduced to the speakers. Also try to contact with the alumni of your college and gather as much information as possible. You may contact by using the latest technologies, but at the same time remember that there is no substitute for face to face meeting.

Take leadership roles: Engineers are always leaders. Whether you are officially a leader of a team or not, but you can lead from any position by influencing people by way of your creative comments, and your attitude to towards the situation.

Find your flaws and fix them: Listen to the feedback about you from your friends, team members, teachers and so on on how people view you and improve your skills including communication and leadership. Also, you have to accept constructive criticism.

In addition one has to make the vacations productive by way of doing internship whether it is included in the syllabus or not which will give a feel of what an industry is. A positive attitude is the key to success. Though there is incompetence, but the attitude can change a lot. Accept right ideas and reject wrong ones no matter their source.

Essentially, it is important to understand that engineers don’t just work with machines, buildings, designs or circuit boards, and engineering doesn’t only require a good understanding of science and mathematics. Engineering needs to be understood in the context of its role in society, and your role as an engineer has to be understood in the context of your work within a company, and ultimately within society.

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