Creative design expertise of Srishti and the technology expertise that SAP Labs has comes together for a new ‘work while you study’ programme

While education is taking a holistic approach today, a new and unique ‘work while you study’ pilot programme is being conducted in collaboration with Bangalore-based Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, with whom SAP Labs India has already inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard. The goal of this long-term project is to build a pipeline for early talents in the User Experience Design (UXD) area and eventually absorb them into SAP Labs India on a full-time basis.

The major aim is to identify and absorb early talent in the User Experience Design (UXD) space, catering to promote talent from within. As part of the collaboration, Srishti and SAP’s Human Resource team with support from key lines of businesses will be offering selected students an opportunity to work and earn even as they pursue a Masters’ degree in Experience Design. This will enhance their professional exposure and provide them with a base to better themselves in their field. During the course of the programme, these selected scholars will work out of the SAP Labs India office in Whitefield, Bangalore, for three days of the week and spend the remaining two days on campus at Srishti to concentrate on their academics. The total programme duration will be for two and a half years, out of which the scholars will dedicate two years towards their academics and the remaining six months to their induction into SAP Labs India.

Based on fulfilling the academic criteria set by Srishti, the scholars will then be awarded an M.A. (Professional Practice) in Experience Design degree which is also accredited by the University of Mysore. They will then have the chance to be absorbed into full-time employment with SAP Labs India based on their performance in academics and practical phases.

Selected students will not only be able to work with SAP, a renowned global brand in the IT and technology space, but also earn a monthly stipend while they pursue a Masters’ degree in Experience Design from Srishti, a respected educational institution. Moreover, SAP Labs India will also be sponsoring their Masters’ programme fees and rendering them full-time employment on completion of their course.

These perks aside, the scholars will be hugely benefited by practically doing everything that they have academically learned, while “interning” at SAP Labs. They also will indulge in interactions with their local and global peers and management, getting to see technology at work.

Markus Bell, Global Head of Early Talent Delivery believes: “This project will help realise and achieve our efforts to facilitate the empowerment of potential talent to design for the real world. We are confident that the creative design expertise of Srishti and the technology expertise that SAP Labs has at hand will help nurture and enable the successful linking of creativity and innovation within the identified talent, who would eventually contribute to the running of SAP Labs’ business on a daily basis.”

Depending on the success of the first batch and feedback from the business, they plan to increase the intake for the programme in India and also possibly extend the programme for designers at other SAP locations e.g. SAP’s headquarter in Germany or SAP Labs in Palo Alto.

Thus with a view to provide an all-around exposure and development of young talents, this programme gears up to enhance their knowledge and build a better future.