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Find out where prolific bloggers in your niche contribute

by onkar

Not every site will explicitly identify guest blogging opportunities. Sites that already receive many unsolicited pitches may not provide a process for applying to become a guest contributor, making the above queries ineffective. This doesn’t mean, however, that there are no opportunities; it simply means that you’ll need to be smarter, or at least you’ll need to work smarter than the average would-be guest blogger.

To find out where influencers in your niche contribute guest posts, start with a simple Google search for the influencer’s full name. Scroll through the search results to see which sites they’ve contributed to. This basic search will likely elicit and reveal many relevant searches, like media or blog mentions. To get even more specific, try the following operators:

[Influencer name] guest.

[Influencer name] guest post.

[Influencer name] author.

Another strategy is to visit the social media profiles of prolific bloggers in your industry. Many will promote their guest posts via social media, and some will even reference their regular guest posting gigs in their profiles or bios. Google+ is perhaps the best social networking site for this strategy: Visit the profile of the person you’re investigating, and click on, ‘About.’ Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the ‘Contributor to’ section. Most prolific bloggers will be proud to include links to the outlets they contribute to.























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