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Four Tips for Packing Your Breakable Items for Delivery

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If you sell fragile items in your store, packing them up and sending them to a customer can be tricky. If they are costly, it’s especially important that they arrive at their destination in one piece. Look at four helpful tips on how to pack dishes, vases and other glassware so it arrives safely on the doorstep of your customer.

Find the Best Packing Material

Selecting the best type of packing material is essential if you want to secure your breakables in a box. Newspaper is an excellent choice because you can roll the large pieces into balls to keep your breakables in one place. Put the rolled newspaper between the side of your box and your breakable items. So, when your box is moving over the Hudson bearings on the conveyor belt in the warehouse of the delivery service, the breakables inside it will remain still.

Choose the Right Size Box

Choosing the right size box is another way to make sure your breakables stay intact while in transit. If you choose too large a box, there is more opportunity for your items to shift around and break. So, give yourself just an inch or two of space around the items in your box. Fill that space with a good amount of crumpled-up newspaper.

Use Appropriate Tape

Some types of tape work better to secure packages than others. Choose a durable, waterproof tape to secure the top and bottom of your box. If your find a box with tape on its bottom already, put another layer of tape on it just to make sure your items won’t fall out when the box is lifted.

Take Extra Precautions

Some extra precautions to take when sending breakables include putting a layer of bubble wrap in the box just before closing and taping the lid. Also, put some clear tape over the written address on the top of the box. If it rains or the box gets wet, this will keep the address from blurring or becoming unreadable.

Finally, you’ll be offered insurance on your package when you send it. Consider the value of the item inside the box before taking advantage of the insurance at an extra cost. If you take some time in packaging it, there’s an excellent chance it will arrive at its destination in perfect condition.

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