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Get A Free Google Chromecast For Using Android Pay 10 Times

by onkar

Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast has been selling like hotcakes, and for good reason: it offers users a quick and easy way to stream content from their phone, computer or other device at a very low price – $35.

If, however, you’ve been hesitating on spending the $35 for the device, then there’s another way to get it. Google is offering a promotion called Tap 10 in which Android users can simply use Android Pay and then they will get the Chromecast for free.

The promotion is open now, and to get the Chromecast, users have to make at least 10 transactions using Android Pay before Feb. 29. Not only that, but users will also get three freebies as they make each purchase leading to the 10th, that is, users will get a free Google Play Music song at the first, second and sixth payment, according to reports.

Google hasn’t yet released a statement related to the promotion. However, there are terms and conditions related to it.

First of all, only those who are in the United States will be able to get the device, and even then, there’s no guarantee that it will work. It’s possible that some users might have to wait for an update before they can take advantage of the promotion.

Another important condition is that each of the transactions need to be at least 5 minutes apart, so you can’t go to McDonald’s and buy your fries, drink and burger all separately.

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