Google Announces Return Of Its Santa Tracker And Village Interactive Experience

The interactive experience allows users to brush up on their coding skills as part of games and simply unwind to enjoy the holidays
(Photo : Google )

‘Tis the season to be jolly … and Google has you covered just in time for the holidays.

On Wednesday morning, the tech giant announced the return of its Santa Tracker and Santa’s Village, its interactive hub of coded games and learning lessons┬áthat aim to prepare Jolly St. Nick for his December 24 trip around the world. The experience can be enjoyed via Google Chromecast, Wear, App for Android and more over the next 22 days.

Google even says that, “for those on the ho-ho-go, get the Santa Tracker App for Android to check out new games on the phone or through Cardboard.” Santa in virtual reality? Why not?

As part of the interactive Santa’s Village, users will have a wealth of activity at their fingertips, whether it be using coded algorithms to tune Santa’s sleigh or translating “Happy Holidays” into Elvish and Danish and even practicing map-making with Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Vixen.

In fact, Google promises a unique user experience with every trip to Santa’s Village. As of Wednesday, Santa’s Village allows users to brush up on their coding skills via interactive games and delve into the overall holiday spiritof giving by learning more about charitable organizations. The interactive experience also highlights how SolarAid is working to make the holidays brighter with renewable energy.

But if you’re looking to give your brain a break, Santa’s Village allows users to unwind and simply be entertained to the tune of elf-made holiday jingles that you can blast at top volume or by watching Santa in action via the site’s ready-made videos.