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Think Before You Click: Australian Man Loses Job After Posting Sexist Facebook Comment

by onkar


The next time you think of trolling someone on social media and threaten them in the virtual world, be prepared to face the consequences — to the extent of losing your job as an Australian man discovered.

Michael Nolan, an employee at Meriton Apartments, posted derogatory and sexist remarks on Facebook as a response to a post by Clementine Ford, the feminist writer. On Wednesday, Nov. 25, Nolan called Ford a “slut” because of the writer’s reacting to another guy making disparaging remarks about her.

However, Ford did not take things lying down and on Friday, Nov. 27, shared the screenshot of the interaction with Nolan with her Facebook followers. In the post, she also tagged Meriton Apartments, Nolan’s employer which was registered on his profile.

The writer also posted that 22-year-old Nolan’s employer should take note of the terrible behavior.

“I wonder if the folks over at Meriton Apartments are aware that a man listing himself as a supervisor for their business likes to leave comments on women’s [F]acebook pages calling them sluts,”wrote Ford.

The popular columnist edited her post a little later and quizzed as to why some men should have the privilege of getting away with such conduct. She also said there are currently no consequences for men who act in a degrading manner toward women. Hence, there is a need to begin making such consequnces for them.

The incident, however, was noted by Nolan’s employer Meriton Apartments and after investigating the issue, the company messaged Ford that they did not excuse the behavior of their employee and, therefore, had terminated his employment.

Ford posted the updated message to her Facebook page noting that Nolan would “think twice next time before using his social media account to call a woman ‘slut’ when she speaks out against online misogyny.”

She also thanked his employer Meriton Apartments for taking the incident seriously. Post the incident Ford was accused of being responsible for Nolan’s employment to which she stated that his own actions were responsible.


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