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HC rejects plea; No relief for IIT-Roorkee students

by anik

HC rejects plea of 63 IIT-Roorkee students In yet another controversy surrounding IIT-Roorkee, the Uttarakhand High  Court has rejected the petition of 64 students who challenged the decision of expulsion for scoring less than 5 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Points Average) in their semester examination.

Despite the decision, Justice Alok Singh has instructed IIT-Roorkee to reconsider the decision to expel two students who had a CGPA of more than five but did not have the credits required for them to pass.

A plea was raised by 64 students out of the 72 expelled, about the decision of the institute. The court, however, dismissed the petitions and made it compulsory for students to have a CGPA of above 5 and a minimum credit of 22 points.

Citing quota reservation as another reason for failure of the same students who appear and excel in one of the toughest exams, JEE (Advanced), IIT Bombay Alumnus and Energy Scientist Dr Vashi Sharma says, “While some students get benefit with low cut-offs in entrance/admissions under reserved quota, there are no separate passing marks in the class once they are in an IIT. All students have to compete on sheer merit. Some students fail to do so.”

IIT-Roorkee Deputy Director Prof Vinod Kumar said, “We have heard that the court order is in our favour but will wait for the copy of the judgment”, to PTI.

Even though parents sign a declaration at the beginning of the year stating that poor performance of their kid could result in their expulsion, the incident in IIT Roorkee is the first of its kind. A similar case had happened in IIT Kharagpur when around 20 students were expelled due to their poor performance in the undergraduate exams. The director, however, overturned the decision to expel the students and re-admitted them.











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