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by Loknath Das

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ATD student members receive full membership benefits at a fraction of the regular membership rate! The ATD student member rate is for students who are either:

  • enrolled in the equivalent of at least half-time at an accredited university or college OR
  • active ATD chapter student members.

These are also the eligibility requirements for student conference registration. Read more about Member Benefits or download our membership brochure.


Download the ATD higher education brochure.

State of the Industry
The State of the Industry report is ATD’s definitive review of talent development trends. The 2016 State of the Industry report was based on data from 310 organizations representing a diverse range of industries, sizes, and locations. ATD members receive a downloadable copy of the report as a complimentary member benefit. You can also access the State of the Industrythrough the ATD Publications app.

The Talent Development Framework 
View the Building a Talent Development Structure Without Borders whitepaper today! Talent development professionals build the knowledge, skills, and abilities of others and help them develop and achieve their potential so the organizations they work for can succeed. In today’s knowledge economy, organizations need talent development functions that support the unique competency needs of their businesses. To better understand how organizations are structuring and aligning their talent development functions, ATD and Rothwell & Associates partnered to identify the areas organizations most often use to build a talent development structure for meeting current and future competency needs in a world in which talent has become the engine of business.

Publishing Opportunities
Do you have expertise in a particular topic unique to academic leaders, faculty, or talent development professionals in higher education? Is there a topic or area of research you would like to share with practitioners? Here are some ways to share your thoughts with fellow community members:

  • Share and post content for the higher education community.
  • Comment and start discussion around a blog post.
  • Submit a Student Spotlight.
  • Propose a topic for a TD magazine article.
  • Submit a proposal for the higher education track at the ATD International Conference & Exposition.
  • Serve as an application reviewer for the ATD student scholarship or Dissertation Award.
  • Sign up to receive one of the Higher Ed newsletters.
  • Take advantage of other ATD Higher Ed partnership opportunities.

Send Your Ideas
Have you found a good blog or other resource you think our community should share? Send me your ideas, requests, and opinions on how you think ATD can improve our community. I would love to hear from you!


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