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How to build your ecommerce business with digital marketing

by Loknath Das

Digital marketing has emerged as a frontier where ecommerce brands have engraved their success stories. A subset of marketing that relies on electronic technologies for its promotion, digital marketing has many facets as its tools constantly evolve. Digital is a fast-paced platform where one has the space to grow their brand’s share-of-voice and industry presence as well as increase consumer engagement using tried and tested strategies. As more and more people hop on to the digital wagon, ‘markets’ have become specific with niche consumer segments catching the eyes of businesses, especially e-commerce platforms which, today, offer a diverse range of products and services.

Ecommerce brands rely on the increasing smartphone and internet penetration to boost their sales. At the same time, they also rely on digital marketing to generate revenue by increasing brand value.

Digital marketing has the flexibility to adapt to shifting trends and utilise them to create opportunities. It offers the best solutions to the problems faced by online businesses. It’s all on the internet and digital marketing tools specifically target the potential of cyberspace to allow for sustainable growth of ecommerce businesses.

Role of digital marketing tools for ecommerce brands:

Today, there are innumerable tools available to a digital marketer to draw out different plans to achieve their targets. Using an innovative amalgamation of these tools, an ecommerce brand can boost its growth quickly with maximum return on investment. For ecommerce startups, this makes digital marketing an unbeatable method to achieve success in a short amount of time. However, before deciding which digital marketing tool to use, one should be doubly clear about the objective of the plan.

Nested Bean Inc. is a success story on how digital marketing tools are used to propel the brand value in an organic manner. Today, it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce startups in a niche industry of baby products. With the objective of increasing traffic without compromising the conversion rate, the company decided to boost their pages that provide learning on baby care. They went back to the basics of digital marketing and started with a basic hygiene check, going over the blog tags, alt texts, link texts, canonicalisation, keyword cannibalisation, etc.

Barnacle SEO approach was the second step in the implementation of the digital marketing strategy. Through this method, the ranking/content/traffic of credible websites is leveraged to boost the traffic on one’s own website. Nested Bean focused on making their homepage powerful with authored posts on trustworthy websites such as ThriveGlobal, today.com, etc.

Google is a key driver of digital marketing strategies as it provides most of the tools that the new-age digital marketers bank upon. Hence, it is essential to adhere to the guidelines and limits set by the tech giant. Google indexes websites into rankings that are decided based on the amount and kind of content the website hosts. To gain more favour with Google’s web-crawlers, Nested Bean invested in many infographics and videos for their website as well as external platforms. This added to the credibility of their content, another feather in the cap for the business.

The need for customer engagement

A market is built upon the demand of its customers. A brand that is out of touch with its customers cannot achieve any remarkable growth. Apart from the official blog of the company, Nested Bean decided to invest in building communities for their consumers, which ultimately boosted the company’s engagement with their target audience as well as aided their SEO finalisations.

Nested Bean used these simple digital marketing tools dedicatedly and systematically for a designated period of time. Towards the end, the statistics of the ecommerce website had improved significantly with increase in traffic on the website by 168 percent, organic traffic up by 69 percent and increase in transactions by 57 percent; the bounce rate also improved by 8.30 percent.

These numbers are proof that digital marketing tools when utilised in an efficient and creative manner can give ecommerce startups the space they need to grow in the market.

There are plenty of other digital marketing tools such as SEM, SMM, Google keywords, Ahrefs, Audience Insights, Analytics, and even email marketing. Based on the objective of the digital marketing plan, their strategical usage is decided.

In today’s world, whether one is offline or online, there are a million things vying for the attention of the consumer. This makes it tough for any ecommerce startup to grow on its own in a short amount of time. Digital marketing helps a brand to grab the maximum slice of a consumer’s attention, with the intention to increase brand value as well as sales.

Digital is no longer the future; it is the present. As the purchasing patterns of people evolve, the ecommerce space is poised for another digital revolution.


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