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How To Delete Yourself From The Internet

by Loknath Das

With the calendar about to turn over into the burning dumpster fire that is an election year in the United States, you may be staring at Twitter with a deep hatred for your online existence. The internet is literally an addiction and our online existence only expands the longer we perpetuate its use. But there is a way to end it all — sign up for DeleteMe and remove yourself from the hellscape that is the internet.

While DeleteMe won’t remove your social media profiles, that’s not too difficult to do and something we already know how to do and are acutely aware of. But what about all the other places your information exists? Your home address, phone numbers (available to scammers who buy them in bulk) and other personal information?


DeleteMe will delete your personal data from data broker websites, freeing you up to exist without scammers finding you.

Spam calls grew this year by 18%. Where do you think those scammers and sham artists got your number? It was likely jacked from a valid source then sold to one of dozens of data broker sites like FreePhoneTracer.com, Peoplefinders.com, USSearch.com and so on. These are the sites that DeleteMe will delete you from. These are the sources of the constant intrusion of scammers into your life.

Naturally, a service like DeleteMe is not free, but it’s cheaper than your Netflix subscription. Deleting someone from the internet is not a one-time action. That information will be stolen and sold again and again.

DeleteMe, pending subscription, continuously removes your information from the internet as quickly as data brokers post it. While it’s still on you to either manage or delete your social media profiles, considering Facebook is going to be ground zero for disinformation next year, at least DeleteMe is one way you can put an end to the inevitable crap storm of automated and scam calls set to descend on you like a tornado on Helen Hunt.

After subscribing, DeleteMe will send you detailed reports as to its progress in removing you from online databases. Then it’s only a hop skip and a jump to the cabin in the woods, away from all this nonsense. The internet was great once, but maybe we should clear the slate and hold out for internet 2.0.


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