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Importance Of Architecture Owner While Dealing With Technical Debt

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You have heard a lot about technical debt and its relation with architecture owner. AO is an integrated part of DAD or Discipline Agile Delivery. It helps in offering you with guidance for applying several forms of refactoring. It comprises of code refactoring, user interface and database refactoring. These services are quite small, like that of splitting database column or even renaming operation, making it part of daily development. Rework seems to be more substantial and can be planned explicitly. Now, it’s time for the architecture owner for negotiating rework-oriented work items with the current product owner.This product owner is mainly the person, known for prioritizing the work on technical debt.

Dealing with regression test continuously

The easiest ways to find problems in work is by having comprehensive regression test suite, ready to run on a regular basis. This test suite is designed in such a manner, which help in detecting the defects, as injected into code. It further helps in enabling you with ways to fix it proficiently. It can eve enable you to back out changes, in right possible manner. These are some of the interesting points for you to focus at, while working on expert services around here.

More on automated code services

Just like working on refactor technical debt, you need to work on automated code or schema analysis. There are different types of tools available and used for accessing quality of code. It works perfectly for database schema, as well. The disciplined agile team will help in including use of tools in current Continuous Integration strategy. You will come to know the areas, where tech debt exists, and primarily steps to remove it. These are some of the interesting strategies, which you better follow, while working on tech debt related strategies.

Measuring the technical debt

Firms, which are quite serious with tech debt, always try to measure it. For that, they might have to take help of code or schema analysis tools. Furthermore, you need to work hard to keep eye on the chosen trends, which might go down with passing time. You might even want to choose to track code quality metrics. You can even take help of data quality metrics, with usability metrics, time to add features, time for addressing defects and some other points, to be added in the same kitty. These are some of the interesting features, which you have to work along, while measuring technical debts.

Ways to reduce your debt

It is time for you to know more about ways in reducing technical debt. It needs to be a part of your culture. Technical debt is not going to be fixed all by itself. It might even accrue interest over time, and slower form, with expensive evolution of existing assets.You might even try to address technical debt before trying to handle over assets. If you want to know more about these features, waste no time, and consider procuring help from experts. They are available over here, and you must click here, to come in direct contact with them.

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