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Instagram Insights & analytics

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Using an Instagram analytics service can really help boost your Instagram following if used correctly.
Keeping an eye on your followers growth and comparing it with your posts is a good way to keep track of post peformance. Most analytics service will have a heat map that will show you what time is best to post, depending on a bunch of factors like how many times you have posted and the average engagement your posts received during that time.
Some services also provide the tracking of new and lost Instagram followers, which can be great as you can see the types of followers you’re attracting and try to relate your posts with those people. Lost followers can be a good tool to see which types of people you’re loosing so you can really try and determine why you’re loosing them, maybe they’re just not related to your account, or the style of photos you’re posting has changed and they aren’t happy about it!
Engagement is also something you’ll want to keep an eye on. If you’re getting a lot engagement rate on your images (under 2%) it could mean your following has lost interest OR you may have an inactive following as a result of incorrect targeting or buying fake followers.
There’s many types of analytics solution to help your grow and get more Instagram likes, a quick google search will lead you to them!

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