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Is Your Accounting Firm Generating Web Leads?

by Loknath Das

lead generation for accounting firms

You’ve probably already asked yourself this question before:

What are the best ways of promoting an accounting firm online?

And you probably agree web marketing for accountants may not be your sleekest skill of them all or is it?

You might be realizing that good ol’ cold calling, emailing and prospecting visits aren’t getting you the results you expect.

But you do know you can take advantage of the latest digital marketing services to execute a digital marketing strategy for your accounting firm and blossom your prospecting strategy. In fact, most likely than not, your competition is already doing it—or thinking about how to go about it.

Your CPA firm could use a couple of new online marketing tips to onboard new clients, keep current ones engaged and feeling valued, as well as spreading the word around that you are a forward-thinking business that’s ready to change with the times.

And earn more business while at it.

Yet, web marketing bookkeeping services shouldn’t be as tough as some circles make it seem.

Here are online marketing tips for accounting service providers to attract more business, cement a solid reputation, and blossom relationships online.

1.Website marketing for accounting firms


What if you could drive more conversions for your accounting business by creating an around the clock marketing channel?

What if you had a 24/7 online marketing platform that’s not restricted to geographical boundaries, and is accessible to global clientele?

And what if you can cut your marketing time, money and effort in half while driving more prospects to your virtual doorstep?

Now that makes sense.

If you are still on the fence about creating a website for bookkeeping services or the best accounting firm web design, know that you can benefit immensely from having one up and running the soonest possible.

Picture this:

About 85% of B2B buyers will check out your website before contacting you.

The tables are turning. Fast.

While 88% of consumers (online shoppers) research online before making a purchase decision, about 89% of B2B buyers are looking online to research their next vendor. According to the latter study, your potential client will typically conduct about 12 searches online before making contact with you or your competition.

If you do not have a website, this type of client won’t have a credible landing page to get to know who you are, what you offer, and why you deserve their business.

That simple.

2.Blogging for accounting companies


Better yet, you can decide to use a blogging platform as your accounting business website.

Here’s the thing:

According to the above study, as many as 51% of B2B buyers complete 70% of the research process online. They read content—quality content. Lots of it. Before the client can contact you to get a quote or find out if you offer discounts and complete the other 30% of the buying journey, they research online by reading what financial firms like yours put out there.

In fact, 75% of B2B buyers say that the content a vendor put out there influenced their choice of winning vendor

Here’s what they really want from your content marketing platform:

  • 82% rely on white papers
  • 78% on webinars
  • 73% on case studies
  • 70% watch a video
  • 66% on e-books
  • 66% on blogs and infographics each

You’ll want to write blogs around these content buffets instead of just dishing them out on a static website page.

Also, if you target young companies run by younger executives, know that younger people prefer blogs because they inject a human touch to web contact.

Creating quality blogs consistently and downloadable content (white papers, especially) occasionally, lets them know real humans are behind the brand—a feeling reminiscent to engaging with a vendor on social media except that blogs do not limit meaningful conversations a few characters.

3.SEO for Accountants: The art of ranking high on search engines


A critical part of earning ROI in online marketing dollars is to rank high on search engine results (SERPs). You want to become visible online.

Here’s the thing:

Ranking at the top of the first page of Google can earn you 32.5% of all search traffic from a query relating to CPA services online. Chitika Insights also found ranking on the second page makes you lose out on as many as 92% of potential clients.

That means even if you had to pay an SEO consultant service to optimize your accounting firm’s web design, content marketing, and search marketing strategy, it could pay itself several times over as you gain more bookkeeping business in return—from showing up first.

4.Paid Search for accountants

Speaking of search marketing…

Can you use search marketing for accounting companies to earn more clients?

Organic search marketing for new accounting firms can offer an affordable and sustainable marketing channel compared to advertising on traditional media. On the other hand, established firms can turn to paid search marketing to accelerate results.

CPA firms can use Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Facebook ads, and Google Ads campaigns to do effective online lead generation. Whichever channel you choose, it’ll provide you the data you need to target your desired client segment.

All you need do is set up a landing page and ingrain your unique value proposition in your paid search adverts to see more interested leads knocking on your door so you can nurture them further.

5.Social media for accounting firm lead generation


Contrary to popular thinking, accounting firm social media use is not only good for networking. You can use multiple social networks to see an increase in business and bottomline.

On top of providing quality content, the other benefits of social media marketing for accountants include:

  • Offering better customer service:

Your typical client now expects almost instant replies to their queries thanks to their use of social media and online chat services over time.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer business pages/profiles that include chat features to help your clients reach you as fast as possible so they can make an inquiry—providing you with opportunities to convert them to paying clients.

For example, B2B companies are big on distributing content via Twitter and it works to spread their word around prospects’ circles.

  • Getting referrals:

About 71% of potential or current clients are likely to recommend you to other businesses if you provide great customer service, for example.

You can also join in on like-minded social media circles, groups and individual conversations and offer a valuable contribution. The key here is to avoid pitching your services before building rapport—a relationship that can allow you to prove your accounting firm has what it takes to get the prospects business.

  • Nurturing customer relationships:

Social media avails the opportunity to provide real, human correspondence with faraway prospects. Since the basis of social media is to provide constant updates, it helps potential leads build trust in an accountancy firm, knowing that the firm has actual human beings behind it.

While it takes time to craft a working social media strategy and implement it, benefits you can gain from it have the potential to boost business in a few short weeks.

Are wondering how to kickstart an effective web marketing campaign for your accountancy firm? Would you want to know how to measure your website marketing ROI? Or do you have a specific web marketing tip to offer fellow accountants and help them rake in more business in the comments section below?  


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