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Khan Academy is now available in Greek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Vietnamese!

by Loknath Das

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We are excited to announce the launch of our newest Khan Academy language sites: Greek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Vietnamese! These teams have worked for many years to reach this milestone, and join over 30 other Khan Academy language sites to which we are still adding new translated content.

The majority of these sites are translated and maintained by volunteers and international nonprofit organizations – if you are interested in volunteering to translate for Khan Academy, learn more about our volunteer translator program.

A note from the Greek team

Khan Academy is now available in Greek! It offers learning material for primary education and specifically for Early Math, Kindergarten, and 1st & 2nd grades in elementary school. Work is underway for the remaining of the elementary school classes in mathematics, as well as in chemistry and physics for high school students. The  work has been coordinated and supported by the Mathaino non-profit organization. Our common goal is to bring Khan Academy’s platform to all Greek students and teachers in primary and secondary education, allowing them to maximize their college potential and beyond.

A note from the Latvian team

The Khan Academy has strengthened and inspired millions of pupils and students around the world. Now it’s time to enjoy it in Latvian as well. Around thirty enthusiastic people have been involved in the creation of this site, and we are very pleased that this project, a dream for many years, has now seen the light of day. The first course we give to those who study in Latvian is Arithmetic. Fractions and negative numbers are the topics of mathematics that often confuse those who did just fine in multiplication. Khan Academy will become your knowledgeable, patient, tireless teacher who will lead you through the skills at a pace that is acceptable to you. The effective Mastery system with which Khan Academy is so renowned will provide immediate feedback and regularly prepare individualized challenges.

The Khan Academy Latvian site has been created and lives thanks to people who are passionate about quality education. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us: Khan Academy community in Latvia.

A note from the Lithuanian team

Today we have reached a major milestone that has taken us more than two years of work, a lot of patience, perseverance, and belief in the importance of this project. What makes us even prouder – we achieved it with zero funding, all thanks to the fantastic people who believe in the same idea and are unstoppable. Khan Academy is now available in Lithuanian!

We want to send some kudos to the amazing and most supportive International Khan Academy community who are always there for each other. Khan Academy brought us together for a common purpose, and our team has now grown into a non-profit organization Fondas 17 that will continue to deliver on Khan Academy’s mission and help reach eager learners and teachers in all corners of Lithuania.

A note from the Vietnamese team

We are The Vietnam Foundation – the Khan Academy’s Vietnamese language advocate; and a non-profit organization with a mission of improving the lives of the Vietnamese people through education. We have been working rigorously for the last two years to localize the Math content for students in Vietnam, with over 10,000 hours of contribution from volunteers and experts. Our next priority is to make it widely available and accessible to primary and secondary students and teachers, at the same time continue to localize Physics, Biology and Chemistry contents for secondary and high school level.

A note from the Kyrgyz team

We are so proud to announce that Kyrgyz language joins the 50+ languages of Khan Academy. Within a year, our team has made a great result in localizing Khan Academy into the Kyrgyz language. We would like to thank everyone for making this possible. As of September 2021, the Khan Academy platform is now available in Kyrgyz.

We consider it a true honor to be able to offer tens of thousands of Kyrgyz students access to quality education totally for free. Thanks to the great contribution of our volunteers, teachers, advisors, and many anonymous donors, who have made this possible. Hereby, we also want to convey our thanks to all individual donors, companies and organizations who believe in the power of education and donate without any doubt. Your generous support helped us to grow and keep our core operations running. We promise to continue to earn your confidence in us and in our project. More is coming.

A note from the Kazakh team

After 3 years of a dozen volunteer translators’ and our organizational team’s work Khan Academy is available in Kazakh. This content is very important for Kazakh speaking population, because we have very limited quality educational resources that are available for everyone. We have already finished translating early math and are working on computer science, chemistry, physics and biology and are working hard to add more content to our site. We want to offer more content to our Kazakh speaking learners and teach them self-education through the Khan Academy platform.  Our aim is to provide the chance to each Kazakh speaking learner, no matter where they come from, to fulfill their potential, and to experience the love of learning.


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