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KnowledgeHut- Become a Certified Scrum Master

by Loknath Das

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Scrum, is the buzzword of the day. When it comes to upgrading your skills, you want a reliable partner who will ensure you learn the requisite skills and not just the theoretical aspects. That’s where KnowledgeHut’s expertise and agility scores.

Why Choose Knowledgehut?

Here are the advantages of doing your course with KnowledgeHut.

  • This CSM Course enables you in just 2 days on the weekend or on weekdays working 9 am to 5 pm the best practices, tricks, and tips on how to resolve issues in diverse environments
  • KnowledgeHut represents the Scrum Alliance as its Global REP ensuring your certification is worth the money you pay
  • You will be comprehensively trained and prepared for the CSM Certification.
  • Effective training and approved global curriculum is delivered by CSTs who ensure you are industry ready on course completion
  • The reasonable course fee includes the fee for the examination by the Scrum Alliance
  • The courses offered are always based on demand-trends and future technology developments

What Will You Learn?

Scrum and the Agile suite solve complex operations when you have domain expertise on the scalability of projects from small enterprises to large global multi-location projects. You will get an immersive understanding of Scrum framework, activities, and the essential knowledge of modern-day team collaboration and communication to ensure your projects start right, stay on course and reap the benefits of successful project management. This CSM Course earns you the 16 PDUs required to take the CSM Certification exams. KnowledgeHut the Alliance approved partner will provide you with the tools and techniques to help you earn your certification successfully.

You get to learn on real-time projects accentuated with project work exercises, and practical training sessions in a one-on-one mode from industry experienced mentors how to deal and manage the Agile suite on the Scrum framework. Access the online social groups, support groups, and global course materials available only to the Alliance members whenever in doubt. If that is not enough how about your profile-page on the website of Scrum Alliance complete with logo to bolster your confidence?

About The CSM Exams And Certification

An understanding of the concepts of Scrum coupled with a 2-day CSM Training with KnowledgeHut enables you to take the CSM test online. You need to score in at least 24 of the 35 questions rightly. Don’t worry if you fail the first time, you do get two free attempts and one more paid attempt at the certification.

On being successful you will have earned your certification, a Scrum Alliance membership with perks like access to online forums, support-groups, continued learning and even a profile page on the Scrum website endorsing your credentials.

IT’s, and IT majors like Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Dell are Agile! There are a plethora of jobs for people with experience in practically handling Agile suites on the Scrum framework. With CSM Certification your implementation of Scrum projects will lead your organisation to better its efficiency, productivity and profits. The obvious must be stated. Your payouts could be fantastic and huge!

Still wondering if this is the right course for you? Don’t wait. Take that leap of faith with KnowledgeHut’s CSM course today!

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