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Lifetime ban for maths teacher who slapped pupil

by Rajdeep

Failsworth School

A maths teacher who slapped a pupil in the face after “squaring up” to him has been banned from the profession.

Michael Nosiama, 31, was found guilty of hitting the boy at Failsworth School in Oldham in April 2015 after becoming agitated by his disruption in class.

A National College for Teaching panel was shown footage of an “angry” Mr Nosiama “goading” the pupil and making “violent physical contact”.

It said he was a “continuing risk” and banned him from teaching for life.

Mr Nosiama had taught at the Greater Manchester school for four months before the incident.

He was not present at the hearing but had said in written evidence that he “struck [the boy – referred to as Pupil A] in self-defence”.

However, the panel rejected this claim saying Mr Nosiama’s actions were “aggressive” and “deliberate”.

It found the teacher had “deliberately invited Pupil A outside for the altercation” and “provoked the incident for the purpose of Pupil A being potentially excluded,” it said.

The prohibition order states “due to the serious and violent nature of this case” and the failure of Mr Nosiama to develop “any insight into his behaviour”, he can never reapply to teach.

[Source:- BBC]

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