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In the modern day and age, it’s almost expected that business operate mostly from cell phones, but the problem is that not all business operations can be conducted from a cellphone. You might need a secretary for your job, but issuing them a cellphone might mean opening up an expensive additional line, and can also encourage employees to take their work home with them.

Birch’s slogan is “Communications. Connectivity. Commitment.” This slogan hits the nail on the head for the services they offer. The Birch Voice Essentials package provides everything a business might need in way of phone services, with unlimited local, unlimited domestic long distance, call routing, and much more. On top of these benefits, the system is easy to set up right out of the box.

Even if you aren’t sure how to set up the system, Birch offers professional installation at competitive prices. Local businesss phone service is an important part of increasing your profit and bottom line, and ensuring you have a way for customers to easily get in touch will do far more than just make sales. It will increase your perception in customer’s eyes, and have recent studies have shown, the loyalty a customer feels for their local business community is more important than many business owners realize.

If your business is local and doesn’t extend outside of a basic service area, then you may not need long distance. There are multiple service packages available for you to choose from. The Voice Essentials package is just one option.

Just because you might see a landline as a relic of the past doesn’t mean it actually is. Landlines still serve an important function in day to day business operations. If you find yourself in need of a landline for your business, whether it’s simply for a secretary or because you need a dedicated business line, give Birch a call. The company will set you up with a installation tech that will have your new telephone line up and operational in a barely any time at all–and then the calls will start pouring in.

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