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Madhya Pradesh: 45 children fall sick after consuming mid-day meal

by anik

Children fall sick after mid-day meal in MP schoolApproximately 45 children have fallen ill at a government school at Pipalkota village in Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh. These students fell sick after consuming a mid-day meal the school, a government official said yesterday.

On August 12, these 45 children consumed the mid-day meal and subsequently fell ill. They were immediately admitted to the district hospital, but the situation was controlled as they were discharged the same night, the official said.

However, Bhishan Bande, from the district hospital said that on August 13, 32 of the 45 kids who fell ill returned to the hospital. They were complaining of colic, vomiting and uneasiness to the primary health centre at Jawar, near the village. Out if these, 22 children have been sent to the district hospital for treatment while the remaining 10 children are undergoing treatment at the health centre, he added.

The officials have informed that on the day of the incident, a total of 54 students had come to attend school, out of these 45 students ate the mid-day meal, and all 45 of them fell sick. They also said that a departmental probe has been initiated into the incident and that the samples of the left over mid-day meals have been collected and sent to laboratory for testing purposes.

Meanwhile, the authorities have assigned the self help group, Maa sharda, for the work of preparing the mid-day meals in the school, they added.





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