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Meteor or AngularJS: When should I use each framework

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We all know that is the wrong question, so below you will find my answer. Comparing Meteor and Angular is a bit difficult since the two are actually very different, other than they are both written in javascript.

Opinion on Meteor:

Meteor is a full stack framework/platform that runs on top of Node.js on the server. Meteor actually modifies NodeJS and becomes your server. It supplies everything you need to run a web/mobile app. You add any number of frameworks on top of Meteor’s platform.

Meteor comes with a bunch of in built frameworks. Meteor comes with a View framework called Blaze which is a better comparable to Angular.

Finding Meteor programmers would be a tough job as it’s fairly new framework.

Opinion on AngularJS:

AngularJs is a complete application MVVM framework.  Angular is a client only framework, running only in the browser.

If you want to play it safe and develop a front-end in a very well defined space then AngularJS is the battle-tested man for the job. Even finding a good AngularJS development company wouldn’t be a tough job.

Why Confusion?

Newcomers think Meteor and AngularJS are similar, but they are not. AngularJS and Meteor are very different in that matter. Angular is solely focused on the frontend whereas Meteor’s philosophy is about glueing backend and frontend together.

Real-time UI: Angular provides real-time front-end data binding between elements. At a glance it seems like Meteor does too but at deeper inspection you’ll realize Meteor is reactive on the back-end and front-end as well. Whereas Angular being only front end frame can never do.

JavaScript: Both have JS at the end of their names since both are made with the Javascript language. Yes they share the same language but again Angular is in the browser, while Meteor is in the server and browser.


It’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

Meteor is a full-stack library that runs on top of Node.js, intended to simplify both client-side as well as server-side development.

Angular is a client-side library, intended to simplify client-side development, regardless of the technology you’re employing on the server-side.

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