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Most Common Computer Issues Faced By the Users

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Almost everyone around the world uses the computer and every one of them is connected to the internet. Many users rely for their income on computers and the internet helps them a lot. Whenever a user tried to connect to a website, its DNS name should be resolved. Only then, the user will be able to connect to the internet. Many users get irritated because most of these issues cannot be fixed directly and it is not mandatory that everyone should know how to resolve these issues. If there are any issue with the DNS server, then the user many not be able to connect to the internet at all.

DNS server issues and the root cause

There might be several reasons why a user cannot connect to the internet. It could be an issue with the system, might be a virus or could be a genuine network error. Without basic knowledge, the user may not be able to identify and debug the issue. But the user can get help from the windows help center and try and resolve these types of issues. Two main reasons why a DNS server is not responding could be i) genuine network issue or ii) any issues with a firewall that blocks particular server’s DNS name or IP address from reaching the user’s system. So, once the problem is identified the fix can be applied accordingly. Google might show several solutions if we type and search how to fix DNS server. If the user has required knowledge, he himself can debug or the safest option could be going to Microsoft help center and get the required help from there. There are multiple answers google would show you on how to fix this issue.

To be aware of issues

The users who regularly use the internet should use basics of how to troubleshoot any problems. At least, the user should know how to get help from Microsoft help center. Because the help center offers comprehensive solutions for most of the problems the user faces. The best part is that these help can be got without an internet connection. So, for the DNS not found issue user can opt two ways through help center. One is to give or type the DNS server name directly or ask the system to automatically find the DNS server. These options can be found under control panel -> network and the Internet -> change adapter settings -> right click on LAN, then properties. Select the internet protocol version and then click properties. Then, select the option ‘select DNS configuration automatically’ option there. This is one way of asking the system to automatically pick up DNS address. Another way is to provide DNS server directly in ‘preferred DNS address’ then restart the system. One of these options should work if it a network issue. If these options don’t work, it is better to call a technician and check what the issue could be.

Common DNS issues

There are a number of possible ways in which a user can search how to fix DNS server issues. It is up to the user what choice he makes and how the issue is fixed. One major strong recommendation is that the user can check the windows help center as a primary resort for issues before seeking outside help.

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