Not Quite Satisfied with the Snipping Tool You Received with your Windows OS Purchase? Here Are 5 Alternatives for You to Consider

Image result for snipping Tool You Received with your Windows OS Purchase? Here Are 5 Alternatives for You to Consider

There are plenty of snipping tools on the market, both those you pay for and others you can get for free. You might have made a Windows OS purchase and acquired a snipping tool that is not entirely to your liking, and if that’s the case, you may be scouring the market and reading reviews. Different snipping tools come with various features, so you’re going to want to think about what’s most important to you in this area. There’s the CloudApp snipping tool to consider, and here are some other popular ones out there right now.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is for Windows. It is a reliable tool that lets you take video in addition to standard screen grabs. There’s a 30-day trial version if you want to give it a go, and there are several different kinds of screens shots you can take with a simple adjustment. You can do scrolling window, freehand region, full screen, and active window. It’s nice to have such options available to you depending on what it is you’re trying to accomplish.


The Sharex snippet tool is open source, and it lets you capture video as well. If you like to do different kinds of editing, this might be for you. You can highlight images, and you can add arrows, borders, and text. In addition to full screen, you can do scrolling capture, webpage capture, freehand, window regions, and more. You can also get artistic with it by capturing screenshots in different shapes, like diamonds, rectangles, circles, etc.

Screenshot Captor

A freeware snipping tool, Screenshot Captor is useful for grabbing screenshots, but also annotating, manipulating, and sharing them. It supports most versions of Windows, but check to make sure before you snatch it up. It has a clipart gallery for screenshots, which is fun, and it lets the user capture images with a webcam and import those pictures with a scanner.


This snipping tool has consistently been popular since it was released, both for Mac and Windows. Once you take screenshots with it, you can dress them up and edit them in all sorts of ways. It has a grab text mode, but the more useful ones are scrolling screen and all-in-one capture. It also makes it easy to add videos to your emails and blogs, social media, and more.


Rounding out our top five is Picpick, a full-featured screen capture tool suitable for graphic designers, home use, and software developers. It can take many different kinds of screen grabs, but it’s what it can do with them that is truly impressive. You can enhance the images in all sorts of delightful ways, like adding watermark effects, mosaics, and blurring. If you’re generating images for an art project or you’re trying to keep a child entertained, you can easily do it with Picpick.You need a reliable snipping tool for your computer, and there’s no reason you should not be able to find one from among the many that crowd the market these days. Think about what you’re most likely to do with yours, then select the one that comes with all of those features.