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Now You Get Norton Protection On All Your Smart Devices

by onkar

Now you get Norton Protection on all your smart devices

If hacker conventions like Def Con and Black Hat have taught us anything, it’s that everything connected to a network is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks, no matter what operating system you’re using.

Symantec’s Norton series of anti-viruses have offered a reliable PC protection since the 90’s, and now they’re expanding their portfolio. Norton Security, their new multi-platform, multi-layered security solution not only protects your PC, but also Macs, Android mobile phones and tablets and even iOS devices. Norton Security Premium is also available with secure PC cloud backup to provide extra protection against ransomware attacks and help ensure photos, address books and important files don’t get lost.

According to three separate third-party tests conducted in the last year, Norton Security is not only the fastest security product; but it also scored 100 percent in “time-to-protect” by blocking all malware attacks on day one; and scored 100 percent in “vulnerability protection.” To prove their point, Norton Security offers a 100 percent money back guarantee that will result in a refund for customers if a Norton expert fails to remove a virus from a PC or Mac.

Norton Security builds on patented innovations like Insight, SONAR and threat monitoring with aggressive threat detection techniques that enable it to identify even the resistant threats. In addition, Safe Web, Scam Insight, Download Insight, and Anti-Phishing technologies share information with one another to determine if a site is being used as part of a new social-engineered attack scam.

Norton Security Premium will now include all the advanced features of Norton Family Premier to prevent kids from sharing too much information and balance the time spent on their devices. It also offers consumers the option to backup and save their personal files, photos, videos and other memories on their PCs. Consumers can also purchase additional backup in 10GB increments at a prorated price, so they only pay for what they use and still only get one renewal bill.

Norton Mobile Insight crawls over 200 app stores globally to determine and provide dynamic analysis of app behavior. It protects against Android apps that leak personal information/content from devices, change settings, place ads in the notification bar, and require high battery or data usage. Armed with this information, consumers have more insight into what personal information is being collected and why their data plan costs may be rising, before they even download the application.





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