Customers Of The IPhone 6s Complain Of Spontaneous Scratches On The Display, Could 3D Touch Be At Fault?

Customers of the iPhone 6scomplain of spontaneous scratches on the display, could 3D Touch be at fault?

Customers of the Apple iPhone 6s are seemingly spotting scratches on the display, leading to widespread concern among the customers. It’s not clear as to what’s causing this issue, but it is being speculated that the 3D Touch sensors could be to blame, although we’re not exactly sure how.

The issue is believed to be so widespread that Apple might even consider a recall of the affected products. While this issue might be isolated and limited to just a few items, there’s no denying that it will pick up traction in no time, especially since it’s an Apple product.

Apple is known to maintain high standards with its products, but sometimes in pursuit of innovation and pushing new features, even big companies can neglect certain aspects that might haunt them in the future. Similar complaints concerns were raised when Apple Maps was released in 2012.

The head of iOS, Scott Forstall was fired after Apple Maps fiasco, as he refused to sign an apology letter issued by the company. The manager overlooking Apple Maps, Richard Williamson, was also ousted from the company almost immediately after news regarding Apple Maps’ inconsistencies broke out.

So we can expect a similar fate for some Apple employees from this latest issue if it’s found to be widespread. The iPhone 6s will be launched in India on the 16th of October with most retailers already taking pre-orders.






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