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Quirky Approaches to Avoid Mistakes While Playing Online Rummy

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The game of online rummy is very much fun. It starts by just a means of passing time but ends up becoming a mania that is really difficult to control. When you become so crazy about the game of Indian rummy, you end up making mistakes that you never expected to make. Here we have listed out some such mistakes that you need to strictly avoid so as to play safely and enjoy the game thoroughly:

Being Overoptimistic

This is one mistake most rummy players make. They assume that they are born winners and no one can make them lose. This kind of a fake pride or arrogance blinds an individual and prevents him from paying attention to the Indian rummy game. A person can win in a game like this only when he guesses what the next player may play or what cards the last player may have. Such thoughts help one understand whether there are any chances of getting the right cards to complete your own hand. Being overoptimistic may kill this intuitive sense that any good rummy player must possess.

Getting Carried Away by Victory

There is no real harm in playing with money. However, many people get carried away by victories. Then, they start bidding high. Once the confidence is high and your stakes are high, it is very dangerous to lose. That is why you must always have your head over your shoulders and keep complete control over your emotions. Increase your bids steadily and never put a high stake due to just a couple of misleading victories.

Too Slow on Decision

While playing in a haste is not advisable in a game of rummy, playing too slowly is equally bad. Taking too much time to decide the next move may also mean you are giving too much time to the opponent to plan his thoughts. This can increase his chances of winning the game. So, make it a point to play your move within a specific time frame.

Helping Others Guess

While this may not be listed among the rummy rules, it is known to most rummy players that the discarded cards help the opposite player guess what cards you have in your hand. This means you must not pick from a discarded pile either till you have life at least. Wise playing leads to victory eventually.

Quick Revision of Rummy Game Rules

So, here is a quick revision of the rummy game rules so that you can play this game smartly:

  • Your first goal should be to prepare a natural sequence and an artificial/second sequence. The two are together referred to as life by some players.
  • After the life is formed, your next goal should be to reduce the total points in your hand. This means you must discard high pointer cards and replace them with low pointer cards.
  • Never discard cards in a manner that allows the next player to guess the cards in your hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep these rules and tips in mind and start off with your next game of rummy.

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