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Samsung Gear VR Consumer Edition Goes on Sale

by onkar


The Samsung Gear VR Consumer Edition, which went up for pre-orders earlier this month, on Friday started shipping in the US, and is officially available for pre-orders.

Priced at $99, buyers can experience how it feels to be on Mars by downloading the preview of ‘The Martian VR Experience’. The content, made by Twentieth Century Fox, gives users a 360-degree look of Mars through the eyes of an astronaut. It is available from the Samsung Milk VR platform. The complete movie is due next year.

Although the Gear VR Consumer Edition is now on sale, users might find it difficult to order one just yet. As seen on Amazon and BestBuy the device is listed as ‘Temporarily out of stock‘ and ‘Sold out online‘ respectively. It is not yet clear as to when the device would be back in stock. However, at the time of writing, Samsung’s own online portal, is still selling the VR headset.

In addition, video game developer and publisher CCP has made Gunjack video game available for Gear Vr Consumer Edition. The virtual reality game make user play as the gun turret operator. It is accessible from the Oculus store at $10.

The consumer version of Gear VR is compatible with select Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. It measures 201.9×116.4×92.6mm and weighs 310 grams. The wearable device also packs an accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor (for mount/ unmount detection), and includes a field of view of up to 96 degrees.

At launch, the South Korean company claimed the consumer Gear VR model was 22 percent lighter than its predecessor as well as more comfortable to wear and had improved controls.

The company also talked about the new made-for-VR games for the Gear VR, including Land’s End, Bandit Six: Salvo, and Dead Secret, which are now available in the Oculus Store.

The virtual reality segment has lately seen a lot of new companies entering the space. Aside from Sony with PlayStation VR, Oculus with the Rift headset, and Razer with its OSVR platform, HTC threw its hat into the ring announcing its partnership with Valve for the HTC Vive VR as well. Microsoft also showcased its fairly unique take on augmented reality, the HoloLens.


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