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Snapchat Redesign to Launch on December 4, New UI Detailed: Report

by Loknath Das

Snapchat Redesign to Launch on December 4, New UI Detailed: Report


  • Snapchat may reveal new changes on December 4
  • New Android and iOS apps to arrive next month
  • Spiegel confirmed overhaul in earning’s report

Ephemeral messaging app Snapchat went public earlier this year though the company isn’t doing great when it’s compared to the likes of Instagram. Now, Chief Executive Evan Spiegel has revealed that there will be efforts made to make Snapchat “easier to use” with refreshed Android and iOS apps. Now, a new report claims that Snapchat overhaul can be expected to be launched on December 4.

Business Insider reports that the Snapchat overhaul will still have the app open to the camera interface though it will include some drastic changes compared to the current version. The report adds that the changes could affect “Snapchat’s publishing partners.”

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the report claims that Snapchat employees were notified about the refresh this week. It adds that the company may fall in line with Facebook-like feed, a move that could see Snapchat inspiring from its competitor. So far, several Messenger and Instagram featureshave been claimed to be inspired by Snapchat.

One of the important changes tipped include message threads between friends opening to the left camera which will also show all kind of friend-based conversations. “To the left of the camera will be all communication between friends, including message threads and the shared Stories that are currently shown to the right from the camera,” the report said. The right of the camera will likely feature all “crowdsourced videos.” The video section called “Our Stories” will show up with content from the company’s publishing partners like NBC and BuzzFeed as well as from users at various sporting events.

The overhaul will also show Stories from verified celebrities at the right of the camera. The move is said to differentiate interactions between friends and public figures. The source also added that Snapchat will use “algorithms to personalise” the video feed on the right of the camera. The report adds that whether the new changes will go in-line with over 70 media partners of Snapchat which currently produce videos for the service. Snapchat is reportedly calling the new overhaul a “democratisation of content.”


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