Jaymin Shah is making some serious dent in the blogging industry

At the age of 19, many of us were either drowning in the sea of assignments or were too stoned to think about our future. But then there was Jaymin shah, at the first meeting Jaymin comes off like a breath of fresh air just how Rancho came in for Frahan. When we all Chaturs were busy jumping through the hoops of exams Jaymin was busy publishing his columns on Huffingpost.

At the age of 19 Jaymin successfully founded a news portal – NewsEnquire, and hell even hired a few people while many of his age were busy taking loans from our friends for a cigarette (Smoking is injurious to health, FYI). Jaymin, who was once blogging about tech and the stock market has now expanded his horizon to Bollywood and lifestyle. He is one of the youngest bloggers to cover such a wide range of news.

Don’t miss judge him for Steve Job, though he wears glasses like Jobs, he has not taken a rain check on his education. The 19-year-old influencer holds a diploma in L J Polytechnic and has a brain of pure Gujarati i.e he knows how to make money. The way he is tirelessly putting out content suggests it won’t be long when he will become one of the biggest names in the blogging industry.


A decade of blogging: Making sense in the cyber highway

BLOGGING is currently the prevailing practice by individuals who have the passion to write and tell stories about places, people and events using advance technology as the fastest and most effective channel of communication.

Before technology dominates the cyber world, people had a hard time communicating. Even in relationships, one has to physically visit the person who is the love interest. It involves a lot of hard work because one has to court the whole family only to win their hearts and eventually the heart of the love interest.

People used to communicate either by letters or phone calls (landline), through friends and through mutual interactions. Those were the old days.

But now, with the advent of technology, everything is made easy even in courtship, business, and family relations.

Petty quarrels even occupy the interest of the cyber community, which is quite a downside. But people become more conscious about their looks, clothing, behaviors, and language and have all the reasons to celebrate in most if not all occasions.

But here comes blogging, few individuals put together their passion and formed a group named the Negrense Bloggers. Their group rings a bell in the corporate world. They just marked their 10th anniversary on May 25.

The Negros Bloggers started in May 30, 2009 with pioneers Ruby Caberte, May Castro and Glady Tomulto, who felt the need to professionalize their craft of blogging.

They held meetings and sponsored blogging seminars to gather and network with other bloggers based in Bacolod City.

Soon, through blog hopping, link exchange and social networking, the group grew by leaps and bounds, attracting many Negrense bloggers based in Bacolod as well from other parts of the country.

This has led to the creation of the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc., a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered, non-profit, non-stock association.

Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. is the juridical personality behind the Negros Bloggers.

Their mission is to promote, preserve, and develop the arts, culture, business, environment, tourism, and history of the Negrenses in the blogosphere.

They are also a community of bloggers who help one another develop and professionalize their craft, foster camaraderie and friendship, while at the same time gather other Negrense bloggers together through link parties, seminars and guest posts. They help each other look for new opportunities that may benefit their readers.

They are governed by the core values of honesty, integrity, excellence and ethics in our blogging. We build mutually beneficial linkages with other bloggers and blogging networks in other cities and provinces in the Philippines and around the world who share our values, passion, and philosophy.”

Ruby Caberte, founding President said, “It’s been ten years since we started Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. It makes me really happy and very proud that they have come a long way and have become one of the premier blogging organization in the country today. To my Negrense Bloggers family, keep on shining and growing! Cheers to the next 10 years and more!”

Glady Reyes said, “After 10 years of blogging, we want to give back to the community by mentoring the youth who want to go into blogging as platform for their advocacy and business.”

Couple bloggers Dennis and Sigrid Lo are grateful of their blogging and their organization.

Sigrid said, “I’m grateful to be part of the Negrense Blogging Society. While we may be called bloggers, we uphold blogging ethics and journalistic values by reporting only facts and sharing opinion based on facts. It has been our group’s goal to be a channel of change and positivism in the city, promoting Bacolod to the world through our websites.”

Dennis said, “We are against fake news and together we stand to share only information about our society and about life that is helpful and true.”

They even had influence on their kids Shawna Din and Dorothy Shane who also have their YouTube vlog channel: sistersactkidscantell.


HTC’s not done making phones, but it needs to find new ways to stay alive

By Ivan Mehta

HTC, the maker of the first ever commercially available Android phone, is still keen on making new devices, even after a disappointing year that saw it lose $330 million in the fourth quarter.

A report from DigiTimes suggests that the company has waved off any suggestions of quitting the smartphone business. Indeed, a cursory glance at HTC shows a company continuing to launch new devices. Just this year alone, it released the Desire 12 and 12+, the U12 life, the U12+, and its yet-to-be available ambitious blockchain phone the Exodus 1. HTC says it plans to release a 6GB RAM/128GB ROM version of the U12 Life before the end of the year.

Credit: HTC
HTC’s blockchain phone the Exodus 1

Despite all the efforts, the future looks stormy for HTC. Per a Reuters report in July, TrendForce, an analyst firm, set a yearly estimate of just 2 million smartphones produced by HTC in the 2018 calendar year. That’s a dramatic fall from grace for a once-dominant phone manufacturer.

The company’s financial statement for the quarter ending in September, declared that its quarterly revenue (for Q3 of the year) has tanked from NT$4.0 billion ($129.3 million) from $NT15.7 billion ($507.6 million) for the same period last year.

HTC Vive Pro

HTC also produces VR headsets under the Vive brand name, in partnership with Valve. According to a report by TrendForce, Vive will sell around 600,000 this year. However, with VR still a niche interest, this is unlikely to be the goldmine HTC hoped.

HTC can no longer rely exclusively on its handset business. It needs to diversify its operations, much like its rivals Samsung and Apple. Here are some potential avenues for the company to explore, in order to find solvency:

Mainstream and affordable VR headsets

HTC’s standalone VR headset – the Vive Focus – just launched in 37 countries North American and European countries. While as mentioned earlier, HTC’s set to ship 600,000 headsets this year,  its competitor Oculus shipped 289,000 units of its $179 Oculus Go just in Q2 2018.

You know what, Derek? I will actually keep this on.

A report from Superdata predicts that Oculus will sell 2.5 million units of the Oculus Go and its upcoming standalone VR headset – the Oculus quest – the next year. HTC can benefit from such numbers, but it might have to provide a discount on the Vive Focus’ price of $599.

The company can also partner with Google to produce an affordable Daydream headset to reach more consumers. After announcing the Daydream VR project in 2016, only Lenovo has managed to make a standalone VR device. Google can use an old ally like HTC to revive Daydream and make it more mainstream through a new device, and grab a chunk of the $6.9 billion VR market.

AR/VR games and content

Last quarter, Vive studios announced ‘7 Miracles,’ a full-length VR feature film, which also won some awards. Vive studio can design experiences for bigger feature films and games apart from making movies. AR and VR content industry will reportedly hit $3.2 billion in 2012. HTC can certainly benefit from this revenue stream.


HP Too Is Done Making Windows Phone Handsets

HP Too Is Done Making Windows Phone Handsets


  • HP won’t be making any more Windows Phone handsets
  • The company says Microsoft isn’t focused on Windows mobile anymore
  • The Elite X3 smartphone will reach end of support in 2019

HP, one of the only OEMs that offers a Windows Phone handset in its lineup, is now giving up on Microsoft’s mobile operating system, too. The company told news outlet The Register that it won’t be adding any new handset to its existing “Elite” Windows Phone smartphone lineup. Furthermore, the company said its Elite x3 handset will reach the end of support in 2019.

Nick Lazaridis, president of the EMEA regions at HP, told The Register that the company concluded that “it doesn’t make sense” in continuing to build Windows Phone handsets when Microsoft itself doesn’t seem as interested in its own mobile operating system. Microsoft has changed its strategy and is now less focused on Windows 10 Mobile, Lazaridis was quoted as saying.

In a rather surprise move last year, HP unveiled the Elite x3, a high-end Windows Phone handset. The phone packed enough muscle power that it could also serve as a laptop or desktop using a dock. HP was going after the business market with Elite x3 handset, and had planned to expand the Elite Windows Phone lineup.

A company representative told The Verge that HP might in the future re-evaluate its strategy and decide to make more of Windows Phone handsets if Microsoft shares “additional roadmap details” with it. With HP losing faith in Windows Phone, the future of Microsoft’s mobile operating system looks very bleak.

In July, Microsoft ended support for Windows Phone 8.1, which according to estimates runs on more than 80 percent of Windows Phone handsets, hinting that the company doesn’t really see much value in supporting its devices for a long time.

Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has changed several of its strategies. The company has launched Office and several of its products to rival Android and iOS platforms. On Thursday, Microsoft said it was bringing Microsoft Edge Web browser to Android and iOS as well. The company also rebranded Arrow Launcher as Microsoft Launcher and added its Continuum feature to it.


Making money from blogging – a 3-step how-to guide

Eight tips to help you avoid making online marketing mistakes

online marketing

Diving into content creation and digital marketing as a young business can be a daunting prospect, but luckily there’s plenty of social media and marketing experts around to share tips on what not to do when promoting your business online.

Writing for Entrepreneur, social media strategist and blogger Lesya Liu revealed her first foray into blogging and content creation lead to a “ton” of rookie marketing mistakes, including accidentally posting a cat article to her company’s social media page.

While the article actually received a high level of engagement, Liu says there are plenty of other common marketing mistakes being made online, any one of which could have a “much more significant negative effect on your digital presence than an accidental cat post”.

Here are her eight tips to avoid making a digital marketing mistake.

1. Don’t think if you blog it, they will come

“Don’t rely on someone accidentally stumbling upon your blog; even the best content needs promotion,” Liu says.

“Assuming your content is top notch, you still need to be active on social media sites to push this content where people will see it.”

2. Keep old posts updated

A common misconception when curating blog posts is to keep making new ones when you have a fresh take on an idea you already covered, but Liu says this mindset can leave you struggling when trying to attract traffic to your website.

“Updating an old article is a very effective blogging technique. If you’re trying to build thought leadership, you have to ensure that every page on your website is true and accurate,” she says.

“Opinions, trends and data change over time. Links get broken. However, instead of writing out a whole new thing, just update an older post,” she says.

Liu also notes that Google also indexes updated pages better due to increased “relevancy”.

3. You don’t always need new content

“While you do need to post something consistently, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Take your most popular blog post and reuse the content by creating an infographic, creating a video, developing a webinar or podcast series to further expand on the topic,” recommends Liu.

“Different forms of content will also attract new audiences who prefer one content form over another.”

4. Collect emails always

Even if you’re not planning to send out a newsletter or something similar any time soon, Liu advises businesses should endeavour to collect readers’ email addresses wherever possible to prepare for a potential newsletter in the future.

“Your email list is still your biggest asset; this is a single digital marketing channel that brings in the best ROI,” she says.

“People who are willing to share their email address with you signal their interest in your content or possible products. Don’t reject their interest, because once you have a product, a launch, or just a simple newsletter, you’ll be able to let these people know.”

5. Don’t choose every social platform

While spraying your content across every social platform you can find might sound like the best way to get noticed, Liu thinks business owners should choose a few and concentrate on them.

“Instead of spreading yourself thinly, build meaningful connections and impressive following on just a couple of networks, where you can consistently bring value and quality,” she says.

“Think about your content and where it would be most appropriate.”

6. There’s no such thing as a free like

“There is still some kind of stigma, where if companies promote their content it’s looked down upon. Well, smart marketers understand the need to boost their content reach to see real results,” Liu writes, in reference to boosting and promoting posts on social media.

“Never promote your stuff just to be seen by anyone. Use highly-targeted strategies that will ensure that your content is seen by the audiences who need to see it.”

7. Keep sharing your content

Developing a top-quality, polished piece of content to promote your business is useless if you only promote it once, says Liu, who recommends budding online marketers share their content multiple times for the best effect.

“You have to post the content more than once to ensure that a lot of people see it. Experiment with different copy, headings, and images for social updates. Share your older posts you feel especially proud of,” she says.

8. Get personal, but not too much

“While no one wants to read your rants or complaints, or see obsessive amounts of cute cat photos, showing your human side is ok,” says Liu.

“You might be surprised at how much engagement you can get on a simple post talking about your interests and hobbies, because passion is what really drives humans.

“Social media is about being social, so encourage conversation, encourage information exchange and sharing. Because, you know, sharing is caring.”

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Making Ember.Js a Part of Career

Image result for Making,Ember.Js,a,Part,of,Career

You have the best benefits and advantages of Ember.Js. Once you are able to learn best about the concept you can make the most of the process so popular and perfect. One can make use of Ember.Js for the reason of personal projects and client projects. However, it is important to analyze the traits and benefits of the same to enjoy the best execution of the project. For this one can attend the Ember Js Training Classes and become skilled in the process. At the place you get to learn things which you can treasure throughout the career. In fact, this is the best way one can make the best use of the Ember.Js specifications.

Handling the Data Ember Library

First, it is time to talk about the Ember data library. This is the best library one can make use of in order to find out things about the AIP layer and this way one can get easy access of the data which you can easily include in the local app store. There is nothing more so powerful and effective and this you can well comprehend with the working of the Ember. In fact, this is the most powerful framework you can have in hand.

Relevance of Ember CLI Idea

You have the Ember CLI. Idea and this is being taken from the Rails. However, the Idea does the great job and can add speed to the process of data development. In fact, you have the best things to expect from Ember. This is the right tool you can use to add value to the project you are handling. Ember is the apt name given to the concept and one can make use of the same to create a difference in the work process. In fact, this is the superlative idea you can use in making things work out for the best.

Ember Making Additions

With the help of Ember one can add lots of extensions to the kind of application that you are handling. This is done with the apt installation of ember and with the use of one terminal command. In the process, the centralized repository of all the additions are listed together and now you can move on with the search to find out the working relevance of Ember in the apt handling of the project. Ember always makes tings achievable for you and now it is easy for you to handle projects with the best of ease and precision.

Ember Tools to Use

Ember has the built-in testing provisions and tools. You have the standard ember-cli application ad this is well provided with the Q-unit. One can even make use of Mocha/Chai for the specific tests and for this you can make the most of the Ember Js Training Classes In Toronto. You receive the best guidance at the place and in the way you become a confident Ember user. This way you become a part of the active community and you can even make the most of the Ember support in offer.

Exclusive: High-stakes exams making a comeback, Scottish teachers warn

National 5 changes will lead to longer question papers for most subjects

New and expanded National 5 question papers represent a resurgence of high-stakes exams that risks undermining pupils’ educational prospects, teachers are warning.

Concerns are being voiced as a TESS analysis shows that 28 out of 42 National 5 subjects will require pupils to sit longer exams in 2017-18, while nine practical subjects will now have an exam where none previously existed. The five other subjects will have new or increased coursework to contend with.

There are also fears that a move designed to ease teacher workload may have the opposite effect, while many teachers have complained that the profession was not adequately consulted about the changes.

Education secretary John Swinney decided last year to scrap unit assessments – starting with National 5 and ending with Advanced Higher in 2019-20 – amid union protests that they added unnecessarily to teachers’ workload by duplicating swathes of coursework.

But the publication last week of Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) information breaking down what the changes could mean for each subject (see bit.ly/SQAinfo) has prompted an angry reaction from teachers and education experts.

‘Many people are unhappy’

Chris Mackay, president of the Scottish Association of Teachers of History, said “many people are unhappy” about the N5 changes.

“The implications for pupils are a concern,” he explained. “The changes in the weighting of the assignment and the external exam could make it more difficult for borderline pupils to pass.”

Lengthening the time of exams could also affect pupils who already required special support, he feared.

University of Edinburgh honorary fellow and former secondary headteacher Danny Murphy said there was already “too much pressure” and “too much assessment” at the end of S4, even before the changes.

Seamus Searson, general secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association, said removing unit assessments remained the right thing to do, but that in the past week many members had contacted the union with workload concerns. There were also concerns that a greater emphasis on exams would disadvantage many pupils.

Mr Swinney told TESS that the new arrangements were “definitely not” a move back towards high-stakes exams, because the relative weightings of practical assignments and exams remained “roughly the same”.

An SQA spokesman insisted that the removal of units and the strengthening of course assessments would have a positive impact on workload for teachers and candidates, “while maintaining the integrity and credibility of the national qualifications”.

[Source:- tes]

Government ‘looking into’ making sex and relationships education compulsory in all schools

Education secretary Justine Greening is looking to make sex and relationships education (SRE) compulsory in all schools

Pupils would be taught about pornography and sexting in all schools under new plans being drawn up by the government.

The proposals could be included in amendments to the Children and Social Work Bill, which is currently before parliament.

The chairs of five different Commons select committees recently called on education secretary Justine Greening to make SRE a statutory subject.

Their demand came after a report from the Women and Equalities Committee found that sexual bullying is now endemic in schools.

Currently free schools and academies do not have to teach sex education or personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education. Parents can withdraw their children from sex education classes.

A government source told the Sunday Times: “Justine is clear that this is something that has to be looked at. It is not just a question of making it mandatory but also of what we should be teaching, including issues such as sexting and domestic violence.”

It is understood that it is now a priority area for Ms Greening and proposals have been drawn up.

A spokesman for the Department for Education said: “High-quality education on sex and relationships is a vital part of preparing young people for success in adult life – helping them make informed choices, stay safe and learn to respect themselves and others… we are actively looking at options to ensure that all children have access to high-quality teaching of these subjects.”

[Source:- tes]

Teacher beat 6-year-old for making spelling mistake

The beaten girl, who was only six years old

Ateacher at a primary school in norther Vietnam is under investigation after allegedly hitting pupil across the face with a ruler as a punishment.

Warning: Graphic images below

The incident took place last Friday at Phin Ngan Elementary School in the Bat Xat district of Lao Cai. The teacher, named as Tran Thi Thu Tra, reportedly became angry when the six-year-old pupil, identified only as T. in local media, misspelled a word during a dictation lesson.

The child’s mother, Chao Ke May, told reporters she became aware of the incident after two of T.’s  school friends helped her daughter home from school.

“My kid’s face was swelling and there were bruises near her eyes,” she said.

T. was taken to Bat Xat general hospital, where she was treated for bruising around her eyes and surrounding facial area, and kept in for monitoring.

A spokesperson for the local education ministry confirmed the incident had taken place, and that the teacher has now been suspended from working pending an investigation.

The girl - identified only as T in local media in Bat Xat
The girl – identified only as T in local media in Bat Xat CREDIT: CEN

“Strict measures must be enacted to purge school violence,” the spokesperson said.

[Source:- Telegraph]