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This Cardboard Fender Stratocaster Sounds Just Like The Real Thing

by onkar

Cardboard Stratocaster

While Fender might use one of a number of different woods to create the body of its classic Stratocaster guitar, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the company turning to cardboard anytime soon.

That, however, is exactly what a team from Signal Snowboards have done, partnering with Ernest Packaging to use cardboard in ways in which were previously unheard. Its first invention? A cardboard Fender Strat.

In fact, most of the parts on the guitar, called “Cardboard Chaos,” are what would be found on any other Fender guitar, with strings, frets, pick guard and pickups all being standard guitar parts. The body, however, is made entirely from cardboard. Layers upon layers of cardboard were joined for the guitar, also making it see-through.

While it might not be that hard to create a cardboard guitar, the real challenge is creating a guitar that’s made from cardboard and sounds like a guitar. It’s not just the electronics that make an electric guitar sound the way it does — the body of the guitar plays a big part because of how sound vibrates through the body. That’s why two Fender Stratocasters might have different sounds if they’re made from different types of wood.

The team behind the guitar has created a number of different things using cardboard. The first invention was a cardboard surfboard, which sounds more like a recipe for pollution than a fun day at the beach. The board did, however, work just fine. Next up was a cardboard pushbike, followed by a cardboard skateboard and finally, the cardboard guitar.


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