Korean Researchers Say They’ve Created The World’s First True 3D Hologram


Soon enough, you may actually get a message in the form of a 3D hologram, with Korean researchers boasting the creation of the first 360-degree color hologram, in the form of a floating Rubik’s cube.

The research was led by a 16-company consortium called ETRI, with LG at the helm, and according to the consortium the creation is a “tabletop holographic display” that a person can view from all different angles. Basically, it’s a true hologram, not a hologram that looks 3D through visual effects but is really 2D.

The research is the culmination of a project started by the Korean government back in 2013, which started with the goal of developing hologram technology. The team behind the tech created the hologram using powerful lasers that are able to use diffraction to create 3D objects, producing color interference between differently-hued lasers.

Of course, there are some limitations to the new technology. For one, the hologram is only around 3-inches in size, and the technology behind it is very complex, meaning that we probably won’t see anything using the new tech in our homes for at least a few years. By 2021, however, ETRI hopes to commercialize a 10-inch “Holo TV.”

Check out the video below to see the new tech in action.