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This is what a week in the life of a professional travel blogger is really like

by Loknath Das

This is what a week in the life of a professional travel blogger is really like

The world of Blogging is so new, and it seems completely alien to most people on the outside looking in.

I can tell you that as a full-time blogger myself, I tend to agree.


As a profession, it really is all over the place and no two days are ever the same. I guess that’s one of the things I love most about being in the Blogging industry, I am always being kept on my toes.

Today I wanted to bring you a week in my life as a blogger, a small insight into this ever-changing industry.


I spend the weekend replying to all those rogue emails that build up over the week, so Monday is of course when all the replies come flooding in and the cycle starts again.

I wish I could say that the start of my week was more exciting, but I have, to be honest, and say it’s usually spent sat at my desk with episodes of ‘Friends’ on repeat while I tap away at my laptop, breaking regularly to rush downstairs for my millionth cup of tea.


It’s not always all as fabulous as it may seem… Pyjamas and cups of tea are my most frequent attire!


Tuesday are usually days that I spend creating content for the current week and the next.

I will sometimes book in to shoot in Manchester city centre. I usually take three or four outfits and spend the day trudging a huge suitcase of options through the streets of Manchester.

I have to say, this is definitely one the less glamorous sides to blogging. If you are a blogger living central to where you shoot, know how lucky you are!


If I am not out for the day shooting, I will be either editing content at home or shooting content myself pretending a tripod is a professional photographer (yes, it’s pretty much as hard as it sounds).

Editing is my favourite part of blogging, I could spend hours editing my photos – adjusting the colours, contrasts and saturation. It’s strangely therapeutic.

I spend a lot of time making sure the overall look of my Instagram is how I want it to be.

It’s an aspect of blogging that is far more important than people realise, and takes longer than you may think.

Wednesday & Thursday

These are normally days I will try and get down to London.

Living up near Manchester, I come in and out when I can. I usually try and time the days I am in London with any events I may have been invited to, whether that be launch parties or new collections.


This is one of the main challenges I face being a blogger from outside central London. It’s expensive going in and out of London, especially staying over, so I have to choose carefully when I go down.

I tend to shoot blog content while I am in London and fill the rest of my time with as many meetings as I can fit in with PR’s or meetings for any upcoming campaigns.


Fridays are often spent writing up blog content with the images I have shot earlier on in the week, ranging from fashion to travel to lifestyle content.

This, alongside catching up on emails from the week is about as exciting as my Friday’s normally get…


Although I never switch off from my job as a blogger, because social media never sleeps.


I tend to try and keep weekends similar to those around me, for down time and seeing friends and family. I will write here and there and do the occasional email, but nothing too much. Everyone deserves time to themselves, no matter what you do.

If I have an upcoming press trip, I will usually spend my Sunday starting to pack and figuring out what I need to do beforehand to make sure I don’t get behind. Being a Blogger, I seem to be always having to plan ahead.

I have noticed I never really switch off.

After all, it’s not exactly like social media takes the weekends off. It never stops. I post at least once on my social media, every single day. I am always thinking about what is next, what do I have to edit next, what do I have to write next.

It is definitely a blessing and curse at the same time!

One week to the next, I couldn’t tell you exactly what I will be doing, but that’s the beauty of what I do, and one of the reasons I adore it.

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